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  • Wealth Energetics 
  • Personal Energy Signatures & Home Coding 
  • Aura/Biofield Imaging and Analysis - one set $90
  • Aura/Biofield images - Two sets -  before and after $150
    Biofield/aura images will be taken at my studio. Will give an initial analysis of what is observed. The client can pursue their own chosen healing modality or we can come up with a holistic approach. A second set of biofield images will be taken 2 to 3 weeks later to observe any shift 

  • 1 hour tuning fork session $100

  • Vastu consultation for a single or existing home  $150

  • New home buying vastu consultation $250

  • New home buying vastu and energy consultation $500

Will assist in finding a home with positive energy flows from a vastu perspective. A check for geopathic stresses and basic stresses fixed before moving in. (This does not include underground water geopathic stress). Basic assessment of electromagnetic radiations of the home with suggestions to remedy them. The home owner is responsible for purchasing necessary EMF guards. Personalized direction assessments and recommendations for each member of the family

  • Geopathic stress and negative grids consultation $250
A usual in home consultation lasts from 2 - 3 hours. Basic geopathic stresses detected and fixed in areas of most time spent (bedrooms and workspaces) it does not include fixing whole house underground water stress fixing. Includes a post consultation visit 1 week later to confirm fixed stresses. 

  • Book a 30 minute 1st time phone consultation $30

  • 1 session (60 minutes consultation) $100

Hire Monica to speak at your next event.
She is happy to speak at your next corporate lunch and learn or workshop, school event, or special event. She also emcees events
Topics are customizable
  • Biofield imaging 
  • Crystals and how to use them everyday
  • The healing power of essential oils
  • Personal energy directions and how to use them in your home
  • Geopathic Stress - how to detect and neutralize
  • Basics of energy for your home or office - including space clearing techniques
  • Finding your voice, the gifts that make you a true leader
  • Practices of creating a healthy and nurturing home/work environment
  • Responsible and safe use of technology
  • EFT tapping
  • Raising Inspired and Soul Conscious Kids

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