How To Combine The Transformative Power Of Fire With The Energy Of Color.


Fire consumes, transforms, and clears. The very act of lighting a candle or lamp can cause a change in your state of awareness. Fire is the absolute purifier and transformer. 

Fire is very powerful in helping you focus your intention. 

The energy of color affects us all. Every single color has an enormous effect on us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

  1. Colors cause our enzymes and hormones to go through molecular changes (Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize winning Hungarian)
  2. Colors can be used for healing
  3. Color preference can be used to detect state of mind and imbalances (Dr. Max Luscher)
  4. Colors can change our pulse rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate.

When we combine the power of fire with the energy of color the result can be powerful. 

Here are a few suggestions

If you are looking for ….

  • PEACEFULNESS & BALANCE - work with BLUE candles

  • LIVELY ENERGY work with YELLOWS & RED candles


  • REIGNITE PASSION - again work with RED candles 




  • Increased PSYCHIC AWARENESS & INTUITION - work with LAVENDER, VIOLET, and PURPLE candles

Please use beeswax candles - petroleum based paraffin wax candles are harmful. 

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Avoid Too Much Blue and Water Imagery In Bedrooms


Our environment is affecting our subconscious mind all the time - 24/7. Our subconscious mind control 95 % of our actions and behaviors. Just being aware of a few simple things in our environment can drastically improve our living experience. The water element and objects in shades of blue - relate to business, career, and opportunities. It also has an effect on emotions, feelings and intuition. When the water element is correctly placed, career and business function more smoothly. Water can also help create insights, make you feel inspired and spiritually connected and refreshed. When there is too much water, there is depression, lethargy, weight gain, and isolation. Definitely be mindful of the color blue in bedrooms. If bedrooms walls are painted blue, there are large blue curtains and there is art with water imagery in the bedroom it can have a negative effect. If you cannot immediately change the large blue/water imagery bring in colors of earth tones - esp. greens, yellows, light browns, beiges, tans to balance out the negative effect of the strong water element.

Use Flower Essences To Positively Shift The Energy Fields Of A Home

Edward Bach, a strong proponent of natural medicine believed that there were subtle energies in plants especially during the flowering stage. These can facilitate physical and emotional healing. 

Flower essences are created by picking a flower at its peak in the early morning hours and floating it in our spring water while the sun shines on it. This is done in a meditative state to invite the energy of the flower into the water. 

Flower essences are great to shift the energy fields of a home! Check out the different essences for their energy qualities above! 

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How To Do 6 Sensory Design

AMPLIFY your living experience with simple and easy shifts. It's not just about style and trends.. level up the quality and experience of your life with simple, practical subtle shifts in your home/office. These shifts not only make your space feel good but uplift the way you or anyone entering the room feels.

What good is an absolutely stunning looking place if when someone walks in they feel uneasy or even repelled?

Our thoughts exactly!

We've all experienced how it feels to walk into a room right after an argument.The tension in there is perceptible. Shift the energy, feel & experience of a home/office. Check out the video for how to do 6 sensory design. 

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How To Anchor Positive Family Energy In A Home


Place a beautiful family picture (hang it or place it on an accent table) by the entrance door inside your home. As you walk in it energetically announces “this is the family that lives here”.

Use a happy family picture that is recent where everybody is smiling. 

Every time you or a family member walks in you will be subconsciously uplifted. Make sure it doesn’t have pictures of in-laws or grandparents. Use a photo of the immediate family who is currently residing there. 

This simple act powerfully anchors the family energy at the entrance of the home. 

This will create a stronger bond and better living experience for the immediate family in this home. 

“AMPLIFY your living experience with simple and easy design shifts.”

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How The Environment Around Our Homes Affects Our Energy

The environment around your home has a profound affect on the energy of your home (and you). 

Whether you have a few square feet of space on your patio, a window box, or a small area of your yard that can be dedicated to butterflies or any life form - with just a little effort you can create an environment high on interest and low on upkeep. 

An environment conducive to life - all life attracts powerful cosmic life and elemental energies. Birdhouses, birdbaths, squirrel feeders, plants attracting bees and butterflies, all add a powerful and vibrant dimension to your living experience.

How To Tune In To Our Body's Innate Wisdom


We human beings are beautiful and powerful creations of the Divine. We have a physical body of course, but we have an even more amazing energy body, an emotional body, a mental body, and a spiritual body. 

When we are stuck at crossroads or just unable to move forward with a decision - it’s usually because our energy is stuck. 

When we get up and dance and move our body - the stuck energy gets moving. As we move our body enjoying the movement itself, our inner guidance is able to come through. 

Don’t take life so seriously. Get up and dance it out! Trust your innate wisdom. Life is meant to be beautiful. Dance to the beat of your own rhythm! 

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