Heartfulness Group Meditation Study - Amazing Findings


Welcome to an extraordinary journey into the world of meditation! Join us as we unveil the remarkable findings from our groundbreaking study with Heartfulness Meditation. Prepare to witness live aura photos and discover the astounding results we've uncovered. Every volunteer measured experienced auric body shifts, while the energy of the room exhibited measurable changes across multiple parameters. Get ready to be amazed!

Read the full article and watch the full video revealing results here

Aura Video: How To Use Light Pulses To Balance The Auric Field


Here is a short video where I share the aura video recording of the light pulses that are created by this simple crystal and tuning fork.

This video has 2 parts
  1. Showing the aura (biofield) video of how a Lemurian Quartz Crystal Point when used with the 4096 Hz tuning fork creates light pulses 
  2.  An aura video of my son - We use the crystal and tuning fork combination to balance his auric field. I pulse my son with these to clear and balance his fields (he has just had an argument with his sister and part of the aura around his head is missing) - you can see his aura shift as I work on him in the video.

And I share 3 easy and quick ways to use this.

Aura colors 
  • yellow - bright inquisitive mind, intelligence 
  • pink - innocence, unconditional love, joy, gratitude 
  • gold - independence , individual light

This is a simple yet such a powerful way to begin to clear our auric fields (biofields) of traumas that have been stuck for years and years and years.

This short video is worth your time! I love to capture aura videos.

How Flowers Shift The Energy Of A Room! Biofield/Aura Images.

It is truly eye-opening to view the world through the lens of a biofield/aura/energy camera. 

Today , I have biofield images of fresh cut gerbera daises. 

Flowers are powerful and even cut flowers have the power to shift and uplift the energy of a room. Check out these biofield, aura images!

Even just placing flowers in a room then removing them shifts the energy of the room! 

In the short 3 minute video I share how the energy of the room lifts up once we place fresh flowers in the room, how the energy moves to my hand as I bring it close and also how the room continues to hold the shifted energy even after the flowers have been removed!
Check Out The Video HERE

Can Cut Flowers Send Us Energy? Yes! Check Out Biofield/Aura Images Of Gerbera Daisies.


Check out the video here

Check out the beautiful revealing aura /biofield images of these gerbera daisies. Even cut flowers have powerful auras/ biofields and continue to interact with us.

They send energy to us (Even if they have been cut and are in a vase!). Not just that they even change the energy of the room!

The biofield images / aura images were taken several days after the flowers had been cut and were in a vase.

Biofield images - the colors typically represent the following energies and correspond to the energies of our energy centers - meaning red corresponds to the energy of the 1st energy center, orange to the 2nd, yellow to the 3rd and so on.

  • Green - balance / life force / heart center / sometimes solar plexus
  • Orange - vibrancy / Vitality / Creativity / 2nd center
  • Pink - joy, gratitude, love

1. You see the biofield/aura image of the room is vibrant and green

2. When flowers are placed, the biofield/aura shows many beautiful and vibrant energies fill the room

3. When I bring my hand close to it - the  fields around the flowers begins to enter my hand

4. After I remove flowers from the room - the biofield/aura of the room continues to be elevated and holds the energies of the flowers!

Check out the video 

Each flower is unique and has a special ability to support us on many levels - physical , mental, emotional as well as spiritual.

Gerbera daisies
  • support and bring to balance our root energy center, sacral, solar plexus and the crown energy centers.
  • help with removing drama and stress, 
  • help support the process of simplifying our life, help with relaxation and self-care
Remember to bring fresh flowers often. They support you in many more ways than you can imagine!

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Can Plants Communicate? Biofield Images. Check them out!


It's been so much fun experimenting with biofields and seeing for myself just how powerful mother nature and all of her gifts are.

Plants are fascinating, conscious, and have interesting communication and curative powers! Be sure to fill your indoor spaces with large healthy living plants, nurture them and they will be shower you with way more than you can imagine.

Cleve Backster, America's foremost lie-detector examiner, discovered that using a galvanometer (part of the polygraph lie-detector) he was able to measure reactions and responses of plants.

He made fascinating discoveries which included

* Plants' response to human care & nurturing

* Their ability to communicate with man

* Plants' reaction to music

* Their lie-detection capabilities

* Their curative powers and so much more.

Check out the video HERE

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4 Simple Rules To Design An Uplifting Entrance

 "Every space has energy. Your home is not only a combination of materials assembled for shelter. Every cubic centimeter of it, whether solid or seemingly empty space, is composed of infinite energy. 

When you enter a space that makes you immediately feel light or uplifted, or walk into a room where the atmosphere leaves you feeling depleted or drained, you are responding to the energy of the environment." 

- Denise Linn 

Designing a high energy space is really simple if you follow the simple 4 steps - the acronym L.I.F.E. Incorporate the following 4 in your space to create a transformational experience.

L - Life Force Energy 

I - Intention 

F - Follow Your Intuition/Gut 

E - Express Your Unique Identity

Follow along in this video  as we create a High Energy Space following the steps of LIFE. 

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Does Sage Clearing Really Work? Check out biofield images of before and after sage clearing a room.


Beautiful biofield images show the how the energy of a room shifts after sage clearing! 

Scientific research has shown that 

1. Sage smoke kills 94% of bacteria in the air 

2. Reduces harmful positive ions created by new technology in our homes while increasing healing negative ions 

3. White sage also has rich compounds that activate certain brain receptors that 

    - elevate mood

    - reduce stress 

    - reduce pain 

We decided to see if we could capture an energy shift in the biofields (energy blueprint) of a room before and after .. and boy did we ever! check out the before and after images! Check out the video here

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