Aura Video: How To Use Light Pulses To Balance The Auric Field


Here is a short video where I share the aura video recording of the light pulses that are created by this simple crystal and tuning fork.

This video has 2 parts
  1. Showing the aura (biofield) video of how a Lemurian Quartz Crystal Point when used with the 4096 Hz tuning fork creates light pulses 
  2.  An aura video of my son - We use the crystal and tuning fork combination to balance his auric field. I pulse my son with these to clear and balance his fields (he has just had an argument with his sister and part of the aura around his head is missing) - you can see his aura shift as I work on him in the video.

And I share 3 easy and quick ways to use this.

Aura colors 
  • yellow - bright inquisitive mind, intelligence 
  • pink - innocence, unconditional love, joy, gratitude 
  • gold - independence , individual light

This is a simple yet such a powerful way to begin to clear our auric fields (biofields) of traumas that have been stuck for years and years and years.

This short video is worth your time! I love to capture aura videos.