The 1 Thing Everyone MUST Check For In Their Bedroom And Office.

2:00 a.m : I have been pacing around the room as my 2 year old daughter sleeps peacefully in my arms. 
2:15 a.m : Try to place her on our bed 
2:17 a.m : Awake again. I need to pick her up and pace again. 
That was the story of our lives. Not just on this night, but every single night from the day our daughter was born. We thought it was just our daughter. 

Then we decided to check our room for geopathic stress lines. And what do you know! One large line ran right through the middle of the room and another one diagonally crossing it - right through the bed.

We decided to help her sleep in a different room the following night. Prepared to pace the night as usual, we placed our sleeping daughter on the bed in a different room. 10:00 pm - sleeping, 11:00 pm still sleeping. Midnight - fast asleep. 2:00 am Sleeping like a baby! 

What Is This Geopathic Stress? And Why Do I Even Care? 


The Earth resonates with an electromagnetic frequency of approximately 7.83 Hz – Schumann resonances (SR), which falls within the range of (alpha) human brainwaves. 

Earth's natural radiation can be distorted by both natural and man-made influences like those found in all of our homes and offices today
  • Sewer pipes
  • Gas lines
  • Electrical lines
  • Fault lines
  • Underground streams
  • Underground public utilities
  • Artificially created electromagnetic fields from overhead or underground cables 
  • Mineral concentrations 
These distorted radiations (geopathic stress) affect the earth's natural and life-supporting magnetic field. The resulting distorted fields affect our physiology and long term exposure results in chronic illness. 

Dr. Otto Bergsmann, University of Vienna, shared the results of his study (close to 7000 individual tests) done in conjunction with a team of distinguished professors, doctors, engineers, scientists, and dowsers. They found that just a 10 minute exposure to such a geopathic stressed environment caused a change in the serum values of Serotonin, Zinc, and Calcium. Many other altered states to biological functions were also noted.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency after studying 15 years of data discovered a positive association between exposure and cancers. 

10 Quick Facts About Geopathic Stress Lines 
  1. Ants, spiders, and mosquitoes make their way into our homes following geopathic stress lines 
  2. Bees and  Wasps love these lines. Cats love to sleep on these lines. Infact a cat's favorite sleeping spot is usually on a geopathic stress line. If that's your bed, then you need to be sleeping somewhere else!
  3. Dogs avoid them
  4. Clutter usually builds up through the space along the line 
  5.  92% of all cancer patients have been sleeping in geopathically stressed zones (Dr. Hans Napier, Cancer Specialist
  6. Geopathic stress reaches its maximum between 2 and 3 am at night, especially on full moon nights, and also just before a storm(Geopathology
  7. Autism. In cases where children have been diagnosed with autism, the mother has been sleeping on a geopathic stressed zone during pregnancy (Rolf Gordon)
  8. Radiation accumulates where geopathic stress lines are crossed (Dr. Ernst Hartmann, Germany)
  9. Exposure/sleeping/working on a line causes a weakening of the immune system leading to serious illnesses. More info here
  10. Most plants will not grown well when on a stress lines. Evergreens, Holly, Pines, and Creepers love these lines and will grow very fast on them
How Do You Check For Geopathic Stress? 

Making L Rods To Detect  Geopathic Stress Lines

Time: 3:37 minutes 

Detecting and Neutralizing Geopathic Stress Lines 

Time: 7:33 minutes 

Helpful To Know Before You Begin
  • You can use metal hangers to make dowsing rods as shown in the video above However to get consistent results its best to use solid copper wire
  • Do not hold/squeeze the rods too tight, they must be able to move. Be sure to use a straw as a handle as shown in video 1 above 
  • You can get a solid 8 gauge copper wire (cut into 18" lengths) from a hardware store to detect and to block lines by creating a staple   
  • Walk clockwise around the perimeter/house/room (inside and outside) 
  • Hold the rods parallel to the ground and parallel to each other 
  • You may need to do it a few times before you get the hang of it
  • Do it several times repeating it at night and possibly on a full moon night (when lines are strongest) especially around your bed and office workspace

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Our Recent Experience
It's been 4 years since we discovered the lines in our home. 

The geopathic stress lines in our master bedroom are such that no matter how we place the bed both lines do cross a portion of the bed. We have moved the bed and positioned it so the stress lines cross minimum on the bed. We still don't sleep in the room, reserving it for short time playing and other daytime activities.

This past week, while playing my toddler son and I fell asleep on the bed in this room. Through the night my son kept moving and turned 90 degrees, moving away from where the lines run. No matter how many times I corrected his position, he turned away while asleep until he fell off the side. 

Children in particular are both extremely sensitive and instinctively avoid geopathic stress zones. 

Were you aware of this silent enemy - geopathic stress? 

If you did detect lines, did you experience changes in your life after moving away from there? Share your experience with us and let us know of any changes you make after dowsing for geopathic stress in your homes and offices.


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