Try This 1 Thing And Be More Tuned In To What's Really Important

I was asked the question of what I do when I have some time on my hands. (First thought: I don't have any time on my hands. Wish I had some!) 

How do you mean? For instance waiting for an appointment, stuck in a traffic jam, or if I have a spare half-hour due to a cancelled appointment. 

Hmm I began to think...what do many of us do when forced to wait? A quick check in on the smart device - email or social media or to play catch-up on that to-do list. Take a look see at this beautiful video (minute and a half) from Thailand.

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Our high-tech world has dramatically increased our information overload (causing a drop in IQ by about 10 points). Our attention span has dropped from staying focused on one task for 12 seconds in the year 2000 to a mere 8 seconds (Nicolas Carr, The Shallows: What The Internet Is Doing To Our Brain)

These distractions are causing irreversible harm in our lives. We are being lured away from the true significance and spirit of our lives. With every spare minute tuned in and 'connected', we are actually tuned out and disconnected from our true purpose. 

How then do we begin to bring  things back into balance? Perhaps its not as difficult or time consuming as we imagine. Consider committing 10 minutes, just 10 minutes to a soul-nurturing, renewing, and recharging soul-cation.

This week we have a simple and fun 'tune into your soul' action challenge. Regular practice will help you experience the process of moving beyond , beyond to the peace, fulfillment, and achievement of your greatest goals waiting on the other side.

"Just as we all have a teacher within, within each of us is an artist, a dreamer, a creator. Creative inspiration, truth, and destiny are all revealed when our lives are in balance and in flow. Giving yourself permission to rest, play, to let your mind and heart rejuvenate is a must in order to realize your greatest potential. 

It's when we let go, absorbed in a moment of pure play, relaxation, connection with nature, laughter, life or people, that the messages of the Universe rise up to meet us. When we become open and receptive we create pathways where there were once closed doors. There is so much power in knowing that our lives our ours to co-create. "
Oprah Winfrey 

5 Steps To Set-up Your Soul-cation Destination

  1. Location. Choose a special spot in your home. This could be just a comfortable chair, with an accent table. Or outdoors, if you can, on a porch swing or a garden seat. Being in nature "connects us to our inner energy, and  power, our intentions, and our purposes in life"  [Tom Bender].

The 2014 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to the researchers (John O'Keefe, May-Britt Moser, Edvard I.Moser) who discovered that the brain contains placement cells and grid cells that physically change in response to one’s surroundings.

While we may or may not be always consciously aware of our spatial placement in a structure, both with respect to the cardinals (NSWE) and within an enclosed structure, our subconscious mind (as shown by the Nobel Laureates) is well aware of our spatial coordinates causing our brain cells to change in response to it.

 "The strongest influence of Natural Law on earth comes from the sun. As it crosses the sky it generates differing qualities of energy." (Maharishi Vastu)

Performing activities within a structure aligned with the appropriate quality of the sun we function with the natural rhythms of nature.

If indoors choose a location in the NE or the SW (figure below), avoid the NW - SE diagonal. If your home is not aligned to the cardinals, still choose the NE or SW part. The energy generated in the SE lends itself to increasing the heat (agitation) while that of the NW tends to cause mental indecision. 

The energy in the NE (esp predawn energy of the rising sun) is powerful in generating fresh creative ideas and connecting to the spirit. The energy of the SW is stabilizing also allowing you to receive support from the Universe and other helpful people. 

2. Engage Your Senses - use aromatherapy pure essential oils. Add a few drops to some water in a spritzer and refresh the air around your soul-space. 

Smell is the most powerful of all our senses. At first scent, messages are sent to the limbic system of the brain (controls our emotions)
  • To invigorate/energize - grapefruit, lemon, lime, cardamom 
  • To ground and calm the mind - vetivert, sandalwood, chamomile, pine 
  • To relieve depression - bergamot, mandarin, lemon verbena
  • To ease anxiety - rose maroc, lavender, marjoram 
(Source: Barbara Close, Naturopathica) 
 3. Personalize. Hang up that special picture, or create a small collection of things in this space that light you up/inspire you. Write that quote that touches you on some colored card stock and keep it where you can catch a glimpse of it.  Consider fresh flowers, a wind chime, a bird feeder, or even a table water fountain. Anything that makes you feel like you are on a vacation.

4. Journal. Keep two small journals and some colorful pens
  • Gratitude journal. Note down 5 things you are grateful for (simple things - the beautiful chirping of birds outside your window) 
  • Doodle journal - give yourself permission to draw, scribble, doodle, vent, visualize, play, whatever catches your fancy (except add to your to-do list!)

5.  Calender. Be sure to schedule your soul-cation into your calender/to-do list at least 3 times a week. 

"We need to create homes for our spirits - homes that don't need walls or roofs but which , like a garden, can provide nurture...Places draw sustenance from how they are held in our hearts. How we feel toward them, nurture them, and they in turn nurture us."

Tom Bender
American founder
Green architecture &
Sustainability movements
- See more at:
 American Founder
Green Building
American founder
Green architecture &
Sustainability movements
- See more at:

Turn off the notifications The average person checks their phone every six minutes, that's 150 times a day! Unplug from all things digital. Set the timer for 10 minutes. Happy soul-cation! 

As you begin taking soul-cations thoughts will try to pull you back into 'doing'. Hang in there (esp on days 3 - 7 of your soul-cation). 

Once you are able to maintain your soul space, you will engage a spiritual power that will draw towards you the best people, opportunities, and resources. Go ahead give it a try, start making space in your life and see what happens. 

While on your soul-cation did you become restless and begin to have thoughts like 'I'm being irresponsible or unproductive' ? or 'I should be someplace else catching up on my to-do list'? Do share  your thoughts of resistance if you had any while on soul-cation. How did you over come them or did you give in?

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