How The Environment Around Our Homes Affects Our Energy

The environment around your home has a profound affect on the energy of your home (and you). 

Whether you have a few square feet of space on your patio, a window box, or a small area of your yard that can be dedicated to butterflies or any life form - with just a little effort you can create an environment high on interest and low on upkeep. 

An environment conducive to life - all life attracts powerful cosmic life and elemental energies. Birdhouses, birdbaths, squirrel feeders, plants attracting bees and butterflies, all add a powerful and vibrant dimension to your living experience.

How To Tune In To Our Body's Innate Wisdom


We human beings are beautiful and powerful creations of the Divine. We have a physical body of course, but we have an even more amazing energy body, an emotional body, a mental body, and a spiritual body. Check out the video

When we are stuck at crossroads or just unable to move forward with a decision - it’s usually because our energy is stuck. 

When we get up and dance and move our body - the stuck energy gets moving. As we move our body enjoying the movement itself, our inner guidance is able to come through. 

Don’t take life so seriously. Get up and dance it out! Trust your innate wisdom. Life is meant to be beautiful. Dance to the beat of your own rhythm! 

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