2 Ways To Use Color To Bring About Positive Change In Our Lives

It never occurred to me that butterflies, bees, and  other insects don't see the colors around us as we do. 

Butterflies and bees can see in the ultraviolet spectrum. Plants and flowers too radiate in this spectrum directing insects on how to spot nectar, where the pollen is, or landing strips on how to approach the flower.

Check out this video of images by Dr. Klaus Schmitt from Weinheim Germany, showing flowers as we see them, as butterflies see them, and as bees see them. 

What Is Color Anyway?
As humans the most obvious way we relate to the light in our surroundings is through the color. Visible light or the color as we see it is really only a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum.  

Our response to light is very deeply ingrained in our nervous system. Every single color has an enormous affect on us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Here Are 8 Interesting Facts You May Not Have Known About Colors
  1. Colors cause our enzymes and hormones to go through molecular changes - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize winning Hungarian, found that some colors increase the rate of enzymatic reactions, while others deactivate the reactions completely. Colors also affect the enzyme movements in our body
  2. Colors used for healing - Historically ancient Egyptians and Greeks have used different colors for different ailments. Blue light is routinely used in maternity wards to treat neonatal jaundice
  3. Color preference can be used to detect state of mind and imbalances - Dr. Max Luscher discovered that our individual reactions to color are deeply rooted and indicate our state of mind. You can do an initial Luscher color diagnostic test right here
  4. Insects can see in Ultraviolet that help them locate nectar. Butterflies see in red, blue, green, and UV. Bees see in green, blue, and UV (bees cannot see in red), and humans ofcourse see in red, blue, and green
  5. Blind people can identify colors through fingers. Russian research has shown that some blind people can identify colors perceiving red as warm, rough, and tingly, while blue as smooth and cool. Surface temperature on all the colors was measured to be the same. Kurt Goldstein, noted neuropsychologist, discovered that a blindfolded person will experience physiological reactions under different colored rays
  6. Colors used to heal and balance chakras - We have seven chakras, each vibrating at a particular frequency and each responds to a different wavelength of visible light - beginning with red at our root chakra and following the rainbow to violet at the crown chakra. The chakra colors are used in healing and balancing the energies on several different levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
  7. Colors can change our pulse rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate. Repeated research has shown that exposure to warmer colors (red/orange/yellow) increases blood pressure, pulse rate, and respiratory rate while exposure to green, blue, and black causes a decrease in all three.
  8. Colors and space. Vibrations from 9 celestial bodies (planets) can be felt along the 8 directions in a space. Certain color wavelengths are very similar to those of the celestial bodies and help enhance the vital force flow in a structure. (N - Mercury, S - Mars, W - Saturn, E - Sun, NE - Jupiter & North Lunar Node, NW - Moon, SE - Venus, SW  - South Lunar node)

Now that we understand the powerful influence of color on our lives, here are two ways to use Color. 

2 Ways To Use Color To Bring About Positive Change In Our Life

1. Individual 
 Using colors for a specific purpose in
  • Clothes 
  • Jewelry/accessories
  • Makeup 
  • Eating fruit/vegetable of the particular color needed
Here is a short clip (approx 4 min)  from the NDTV program Routes sharing how to use color therapy to lose weight. (Heads up - the video quality is compromised but the content is worth the listen) 

Use the following colors for the desired outcome 

  • To increase strength, courage, health, vigor, excitement, and passion 
  • Assist in overcoming inertia, depression, or fear 
  • Anything (or anyone) needing physical energy 
  • Happy, Social 
  • Stimulates optimism, expansiveness, emotional balance, confidence, change
  • For self-motivation, enthusiasm, and a sense of community 
  • Tolerance 
  • Stimulate intellect and communication 
  • Organization, attention to detail, evaluation, academic achievement, discipline 
  • Sincerity and harmony 
  • Concentration and clarity of thought
  • Mentally uplifting, stimulate conversation
  • Balance, harmony, peace, growth, healing
  • Abundance 
  • Restful yet energizing 
  • Inner peace
  • Stimulate inspiration, creativity
  • Spiritual understanding, faith, and devotion
  • Gentleness, contentment, patience, composure 
  • Psychic awareness, intuition
  • Trusting in the future 
  • Stimulate spiritual perspective 
  • Divine realization 
  • Humility 
  • Creative imagination 
  • Purifying and healing
This benefits all people who share the living space.
Adding colors on walls, furnishings, and accessories in our space appropriate to the influence of the planet on the earth  grid will greatly increase the flow of vital force through the space.  

Use colors based on the directions. You can either follow the template for a single room and use all colors in one room appropriate to the direction. This will strengthen the vital force flow in the specific room. 

You can also do it based on room, for example choose two colors of the SW and do the South Western room. Similarly choose colors for the NE to decorate the entire NE room. This will have the effect of increasing the vital force flow of the entire home. 

Avoid dark shades and colors on walls reserving them for use in smaller accents.

In general, the S and W correspond to the warm colors of red, orange, and yellow. the N and E do well with cool colors green, violet, indigo, and blue

  • East - sunlight colors - sunny yellow, red, orange
  • North - Greens 
  • West - dark blue, cobalt blue, black, violet 
  • South - Orange and Red 
  • NW - Silver-grey, white,
  • NE - Golden, green, brown-yellows, golden yellows, blues, green-blues
  • SE - rainbows, golden-yellow, red, golden-orange (colors of fire)
  • SW - shades of orange, brown, red, cinnamon, ochre, sienna, umber, sepia 
  • Center -luminous, radiant, gold
Over a period of time we have used direction appropriate colors for the rooms in our home.

Our SW family room has couches and rugs in browns and sepia with an accent wall in a deep terracotta shade. Accents in shades of cinnamon, oranges, and reds. The SE dining area is in shades of orange and red with accents of brass; the NE prayer room in blues and greens with muted gold and blue accent throw pillows. 

As the sun moves across the sky through the day, the natural light seems to complement the colors in the rooms.  This has
created a grounding and calming effect. The space seems to mirror the quality and energy of the time of day following the rhythms of nature.

Do you have a favorite color? Has your preference changed over time? Have you noticed that your choice of color on some level reflects the mood you are in? Did you find this post useful? Share your comments and let us know.

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