Frequent Headaches, Eczema, Random Body Aches? Check and FIX this.

We, human beings, like all of the living creation are designed to be in harmony with nature. With its rhythms, cycles, natural forces, and all of life. 

The Earth, a large magnet, has natural magnetic fields that run North to South, West to East (Hartmann Lines) and also from NE to SW and NW to SE (Curry Lines). All of our bodily functions, our mind, and our spirit thrive and function well when in tune with these natural fields. 

These natural fields can become contaminated by man-made A/C currents. And its very common that all of our homes have these. 

Medical research has shown that spending just 10 minutes on such zones severely depletes the body of Calcium, Selenium, and Zinc. It alters all bodily functions and our immune system gets compromised. This is the underlying reason for frequent headaches, rashes, eczema, food allergies, body aches, taking too long to heal, and reduced immune system function. These are some of the first and common signs that your body uses to let you know that something in the environment in NOT okay. 

Here is the good news! These natural fields gone bad can be easily detected and fixed. The human body is designed so magnificently that when these fields are neutralized it heals and recovers very well and quickly. 

Follow along in the video below showing how to detect and fix them. If you missed the earlier videos on geopathic stress you can access them here. It will also be useful to watch the videos 2 and 3 to see how to make L rods and detect the fields. 

Detecting And Fixing Negative Hartmann And Curry Lines And Grids

Time: 12:36 minutes

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