2 Ways To Use Color To Bring About Positive Change In Our Lives

It never occurred to me that butterflies, bees, and  other insects don't see the colors around us as we do. 

Butterflies and bees can see in the ultraviolet spectrum. Plants and flowers too radiate in this spectrum directing insects on how to spot nectar, where the pollen is, or landing strips on how to approach the flower.

How Your Space Can Increase The Positive Coincidences And Good Opportunities That Come Your Way

Have you ever had the experience:
Due to some unplanned events you had to change your regular time to take the later train. On the train you have a chance meeting with an old friend who also doesn't usually take this train home. You get a chance to catch up and through this meeting you end up with a lead for a new job.
Or maybe something simple:
You feel like having warm pie and your neighbor brings over some fresh pumpkin pie. 
Coincidences...Positive, Happy, Unplanned Events
For many years now I have been helping people increase the cosmic flow of life through their living environments. The misconception that some have is that their life will change dramatically overnight. 

How To Clean Up Your Act Just Once And Never Have To Do It Again (Hint: It's Easy If You Follow 4 Steps)

Have you ever felt that you organized your drawer or closet and before you know it, it's back to where you had started? 

I've tried and failed on several occasions - Do a little each day, try one space at a time, try just one drawer, ... and a few others. No matter what, I rebound to my default state of too much stuff and chaos.

Less than 6 months ago, I paid good money to helpers to have my pantry cleaned out, only to have it look exactly like before in less than 48 hours (that was a record even for me)!

While I am not particularly disorganized, I seem to be always short on time, or not motivated enough, or have better things to do, or not enough storage, or have some other excuse.

But today, as I stand in my closet, I am a changed person. It's been nearly 4 months  and my closet continues to be - clean, organized, with lots of breathing room between clothes, and carrying only clothes that I absolutely love!