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Photo Credits: Suki Batni

Monica Verma Vachery

Monica is an MBA with an engineering and technology background. She also holds degrees in Energy Medicine and Vedic Green building & vastu architecture. 

Monica is a passionate student, observing, researching, applying, & helping people for over 15 years now. The subject of subtle energy and Life Force (Prana) is one that excites her. Over the years her fascination with how it all works has only grown.

About 15 years ago she made a life changing decision. After having gotten an engineering degree, completed graduate school, and successfully getting her MBA, just the thought of a regular 9 - 5 job made her cringe and feel suffocated. She simply could not move forward in life. What next? Thus began her journey to find out what brought her joy.

What followed has been the most fulfilling 15 years for her. She found herself learning Sthapatya Veda and Vastu, Nature's architecture, Feng Shui, Energy Medicine, Cymatics, Brennan Healing, Healing using essential oils, Crystal healing, Flower therapy, Geodynamics, Earth Energies, Energetics of space and people, Meta Physics, Intuition, Seeing Auras and studying biofields of people, food, plants, nutrition, body energy systems and multiple healing modalities from mind body medicine and magnetotherapy to dowsing. She has been very fortunate to have learned from some of the foremost minds in these fields.

Monica has two little kids (age 10 and almost 6) and her life has been focused on their joy.  The time in between is spent enjoying sharing forward via her own digital media platform. 

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