4 Ways To Awaken Natural Forces In Our Homes

“We live in a rhythmic universe. Every part of nature has a unique language and its own rhythm - every flower, bird, and tree has its own rhythmic language; and rhythm is the underlying context that weaves all life together.” - Denise Linn

When we awaken the natural forces within our home, we activate the most powerful forces of nature within ourselves. The more our living spaces look and function like nature, the more likely we are to survive and thrive on earth. 

Bring the rhythm of nature indoors

Simulate natural cadences, cycles, patterns, shapes and forms of nature in your home. This activates dramatic shifts in energies and consequently within our lives

"Energy and geometry are tightly interwoven in the evolution and up-building of life."   - Tom Bender

Here are some ways 

SACRED GEOMETRY - include it in your decor. Sacred geometry is a powerful healing force that reaches inside us and deeply connects us to the harmony and symmetry of life

LABYRINTHS - incorporate it into wall hangings, decorative table tops, and necklace designs. A labyrinth is a sacred geometric pattern that serves as a center point for integrating the forces of earth and the forces of the cosmos. It also powerfully creates a union between inward intention and outward form 

DIVINE PROPORTION - Pythagoras’ golden mean - 1:1.618. This magical ratio is found everywhere in nature and all of life - from the nautilus shell to the proportions of the human body. You can arrange furniture in rooms in accordance with this ratio. It has a tremendous healing effect.

MANDALAS - sacred circles of transformation containing geometric forms. Use in paintings, pictures, on altars, on the floor, make a mandala in a sand tray.

9 Home Energizers That Can Increase The Energy Of Your Home

Energizers are things that can increase the life force energy of your home thereby changing your life experience in a positive way.

  1. PYRAMIDS: Crystal pyramids, or copper ones with mystic symbols like yantras bring an exhilarating energy into your home. The pyramid acts as a vortex to attract cosmic energies 

  2. CUT-LEAD CRYSTALS: These bring rainbow energies and fill spaces with magic and joy and vibrant color 

  3. HAPPY PHOTOS: the photos we have on display are very important. An unhappy photo of a household member can create a very difficult energy in the home. 

  4. SACRED OBJECTS: Things that belonged to Spiritual Masters or belonged to people you admire or love will energize your home. Every object carries the emanations of whoever owned it

  5. HANDMADE OBJECTS: These can bring wonderful life energy into a home esp. if you know the person who created it 

  6. NATURAL OBJECTS: Natural objects are great energizers. The closer an object is to the source of its origin the more energy it has.

  7. GODS & GODDESSES: Pictures and statues of Gods & Goddesses you feel connected to can have an inspiring effect

  8. MYSTIC SYMBOLS: If a particular symbol has a personal significance or you find yourself attracted to it, that’s an important clue from your subconscious. Using that symbol in your home will be powerful. Even though you may not fully comprehend the significance of the symbol go with the way a symbol makes you feel. 

  9. MIRRORS: These can fix unbalanced energy, deflect unwanted energies and even expand spaces

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3 Powerful Mudras For Wellness

A Mudra is a healing gesture made using the hands, fingers, or graceful body movements.


They have been used for thousands of years the world over in Greece, Persia, India, China, and Japan.


Mudras are very powerful and can

1.     Actualize deep inner states

2.     Allow for alignment of mind, body, and soul

3.     Support wellness/cures and prevent disease

4.     Evoke thoughts and feelings

5.     Guide energy flow through the body

6.     Elevate higher consciousness

7.     Can be used to change and seal the energy of a room


 A Mudra creates powerful shifts in energy when used with the following

1.     Using essential oils

2.     With intention and purpose

3.     Using fluid movements we can channel energy flows of the Universe in a powerful way using our body


How To Do Mudras

Mudras can be practiced seated (or along with your mediation), standing, walking or lying down.


Add a few drops of the chosen essential oil to the palms of your hands, rub between your hands and deeply inhale. Then begin the mudra. Essential oils used along with mudras create powerful energy shifts.


In any position, it is important that the spine is long and naturally aligned. Relax the shoulders and the chest soft to allow the diaphragm and rib cage to move freely as you breathe. Use smooth and deep breaths that enable the flow of prana/chi/energy.


Mudras can be held anywhere from 5 breaths to a few minutes.


Allow awareness to deepen, notice the physical body sensations, energetic sensations, the quality of thoughts and emotions and spiritual connections.


Here are three powerful Mudras and essential oil combinations:


Prithvi Mudra – Centering


Use with essential oils either single oil or with a combination

Cedarwood, Frankincense, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Ylang-Ylang



·      Reduces stress and blood pressure

·      Strengthens digestion and assimilation

·      Supports posture and skeletal system




·      Embodiment

·      Centeredness

·      Grounding



Mira Mudra – Nourishment


Use with essential oils either single oil or with a combination

Lemongrass, lemon, orange, peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus, fennel



·      Provides relief for asthma

·      Promotes abdominal breathing

·      Supports reproductive, eliminatory and urinary systems

·      Directs breath to sacrum, lower back and pelvis



·      Inner nourishment

·      Breath

·      Serenity



Bhramara Mudra - Breath

Use with essential oils either single oil or with a combination

Frankincense, tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme, basil



·      Relieves allergies and nasal congestion

·      Assists immune system

·      Opens and directs breath to head and sinuses



·      Ease

·      Boundaries

·      Immunity

10 Tips For A Good Night's Sleep

If you are unable to get a good nights rest, you need to check your bedroom for these 10 things. 

Chances are there are electromagnetic disturbances causing the insomnia. 

The compass plant or the wild sunflower has a unique ability. The lower leaves of this plant line up edgewise to the North-South Magnetic Axis of the earth. 

“A newly emerging leaf grows in a random direction, but within two or three weeks it twists on its petiole clockwise or counterclockwise into a vertical position.”

Scientists have found magnetic sensors in the brains of birds and bees. Many animals and bacteria also orient themselves to the earth’s electromagnetic fields. 

We humans are sensitive to these natural electromagnetic fields - Our brains in alpha state (the calm meditative state where we get new ideas and inspiration) vibrate at 7.83 Hz. The Earth surrounding us naturally has vibrations at 7.83 Hz - The Schumann Resonance. 

All life on earth is designed to be in harmony with these natural electro-magnetic fields. 

When we humans are surrounded by man-made strong electromagnetic fields such as those emanating from smart devices, WiFi, cell phones, 5G, and cell towers, these unnatural radiations cause our DNA to split.. They disrupt the natural flows and energy systems of our body, eventually leading to serious disease. 

We are now surrounded by radiations a billion billion times (that’s 1 followed by 18 zeros!) more than our grandparents. This rise in ambient radiation is recent and has only happened in the last 20 years. Research of its health effects is only emerging.

While in today’s world it may be next to impossible to avoid all radiations, you can reduce your exposure at least whilst you sleep. 

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Live Life In Full Color!

Albert Szent-Györgyi, Nobel Prize winner and biochemist who discovered vitamin C experimented with color and found fantastic results. 

Different colored lights affect our enzymes and hormones. Colors even affect our molecular structure. 

Some colors increase the enzymatic reactions others deactivate them. Colors also affect enzyme movements. 

Dr. Max Luscher, color scientist, found that our reactions to color indicate our deep state of mind and also indicate our glandular imbalances. 

Research also shows that blind people can perceive colors through their hands/fingers. They are able to detect different sensations/tingling depending on the color

Repeated research also shows warmer colors - RED, YELLOW, and ORANGE increase blood pressure, pulse rate, and respiratory rate. BLUES, GREENS, and BLACKS decrease blood pressure, pulse rate and respiratory rate. 

Maternity wards routinely use BLUE light to treat neonatal jaundice. Before this discovery the only treatment was a risky procedure called exchange transfusion. 

PINK rooms are used to sedate prisoners in US prisons. It calms violent prisoners in a matter of seconds and also reduces muscle strength. Before this, sedative drugs and even brute strength had to be used to sedate aggressive inmates. 


  1. Color the walls bright clean colors, rather than muddy colors or grays. Clean colors are much more healing than murky colors.

  2. Switch out the grey, drizzling winter photos and paintings from your home and replace them with resplendent color and bright sunny photos.

  3. Use happy colors, bright yellows and cheerful colors on your walls and home furnishings and even in the clothes you choose to wear. 

Amazing aura photography shows that our auras become the color of the clothes we most often choose to wear. For example, a person mostly choosing purple clothes shows strong purples in their aura. We all need all the vibrant colors in our aura to be in balance. 

     4. Open the windows to let in as much light as possible

This will bring more happiness in to your life. It has an immediate uplifting effect on your health, mood, and life.

Our home is a template, a blueprint of our life. Use color to transform your health, mood, and life experience!