9 Home Energizers That Can Increase The Energy Of Your Home

Energizers are things that can increase the life force energy of your home thereby changing your life experience in a positive way.

  1. PYRAMIDS: Crystal pyramids, or copper ones with mystic symbols like yantras bring an exhilarating energy into your home. The pyramid acts as a vortex to attract cosmic energies 

  2. CUT-LEAD CRYSTALS: These bring rainbow energies and fill spaces with magic and joy and vibrant color 

  3. HAPPY PHOTOS: the photos we have on display are very important. An unhappy photo of a household member can create a very difficult energy in the home. 

  4. SACRED OBJECTS: Things that belonged to Spiritual Masters or belonged to people you admire or love will energize your home. Every object carries the emanations of whoever owned it

  5. HANDMADE OBJECTS: These can bring wonderful life energy into a home esp. if you know the person who created it 

  6. NATURAL OBJECTS: Natural objects are great energizers. The closer an object is to the source of its origin the more energy it has.

  7. GODS & GODDESSES: Pictures and statues of Gods & Goddesses you feel connected to can have an inspiring effect

  8. MYSTIC SYMBOLS: If a particular symbol has a personal significance or you find yourself attracted to it, that’s an important clue from your subconscious. Using that symbol in your home will be powerful. Even though you may not fully comprehend the significance of the symbol go with the way a symbol makes you feel. 

  9. MIRRORS: These can fix unbalanced energy, deflect unwanted energies and even expand spaces

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