4 Ways To Awaken Natural Forces In Our Homes

“We live in a rhythmic universe. Every part of nature has a unique language and its own rhythm - every flower, bird, and tree has its own rhythmic language; and rhythm is the underlying context that weaves all life together.” - Denise Linn

When we awaken the natural forces within our home, we activate the most powerful forces of nature within ourselves. The more our living spaces look and function like nature, the more likely we are to survive and thrive on earth. 

Bring the rhythm of nature indoors

Simulate natural cadences, cycles, patterns, shapes and forms of nature in your home. This activates dramatic shifts in energies and consequently within our lives

"Energy and geometry are tightly interwoven in the evolution and up-building of life."   - Tom Bender

Here are some ways 

SACRED GEOMETRY - include it in your decor. Sacred geometry is a powerful healing force that reaches inside us and deeply connects us to the harmony and symmetry of life

LABYRINTHS - incorporate it into wall hangings, decorative table tops, and necklace designs. A labyrinth is a sacred geometric pattern that serves as a center point for integrating the forces of earth and the forces of the cosmos. It also powerfully creates a union between inward intention and outward form 

DIVINE PROPORTION - Pythagoras’ golden mean - 1:1.618. This magical ratio is found everywhere in nature and all of life - from the nautilus shell to the proportions of the human body. You can arrange furniture in rooms in accordance with this ratio. It has a tremendous healing effect.

MANDALAS - sacred circles of transformation containing geometric forms. Use in paintings, pictures, on altars, on the floor, make a mandala in a sand tray.

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