10 Powerful Music Frequencies That Can Heal and Transform

Solfeggio frequencies align us with the rhythms and tones that form the basis of the Universe.

Frequency music can very transformative. We respond to frequencies at the cellular level with beautiful results on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

  1. Play frequency music at a low volume in the background as you go about your normal chores. It's very powerful. 
  2. You can also leave it on at very low volume in the background as you sleep. 
  3. DO NOT listen to frequency music whilst driving, operating machinery or anytime you need to do work that requires your full attention.

Here are 10 powerful frequencies 

174 Hz - Foundation of Conscious Evolution 

  • Gives the body a sense of security, safety, and love. According to some sources, this tone tends to reduce pain energetically.

285 Hz - Acceleration of Conscious Evolution 

  • Influences our energy fields and sends a message to our body to restructure itself. Leaves the body rejuvenated and energized.

396 Hz - Liberation of fear and guilt

  • Brings a sense of peace and opens. Releases feelings of fear, guilt, and shame. On the physiological level - positive effect on blood, liver, bones, brain function (neurotransmission) and kidney function 

417 Hz - Facilitating change

  • Helps break negative cycles. Positive effect on large intestine, enzyme production, and digestive process, stomach, metabolism, prostrate, gallbladder weakness, lower back problems

528 Hz - Transformation and Miracles

  • Restores broken DNA and improves telomeres length (telomere length corresponds with life length, telomeres shorten as we age). Helps balance hormones, pelvic issues, premenstrual syndrome, pre-menopause, lymphatic and circulation issues

638 Hz - Connecting relationships

  • Brings peace to relationships. helps with the endocrine system, esp. the adrenals and gallbladder issues 

741 Hz - Conscious expansion

  • Has a profound positive effect on emotions. Helps improve thymus function, bolsters the immune system, cleanses from infections,, soothes an upset stomach, improves function of pancreas, heart, blood, and circulatory system. 

852 Hz - Awakening intuition

  • Overcome worry and anxiety, connects to the spiritual

963 Hz - Transcendence

  • This frequency is connected with the Light, and enables direct experience. Re-connects us with the Spirit, or the non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world.

444 Hz - The special Key Of David 

  • Manifestation and prosperity, brings wonderful changes to our lives.

You can easily find these healing frequencies of music for free online or consider investing in some powerful healing music from Whole tones. Whole tones music is extremely soothing, melodious and transformational! There are free sample downloads available at the sources listed below. 

SOURCES: Simply Hypnotic Music (www.simplyhypnotic.net and YouTube Channel ) and The Sound Of Healing By Michael Tyrrell (www.wholetones.com)

4 Powerful Effects Of Diffusing Essential Oils Everyday

Diffuse essential oils nightly in your bedroom and through the day in other rooms. They have powerful benefits:

  1. Improved immune system function building defense against disease 
  2. Regenerate damaged cells in the body
  3. Help protect cells in the body in presence of ambient radiations (cell phones/WiFi etc.)
  4. Affect us on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual 

Essential oils represent nature in its most concentrated form. Recent research is showing that just one drop contains a complex network of hundreds of different unique natural compounds. These are far more potent than dried herbs. Essential oils and extracts stimulate tissues and nerve regeneration. 

Essential oils have the highest frequencies of any measured natural substance. They regenerate damaged cells, build a higher defense against disease and sustain vitality. 

There is a subtle bio-energy that flows through all life. This bio-energy has a vibration to it. It can be measured . It is expressed as an electromagnetic vibrational frequency

Diffuse essential oils in your rooms everyday. Check graphic above for suggestion by room. An ultrasonic diffuser is very potent in keeping a steady flow of these powerful natural substances in rooms. 

Be sure to use only 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Diluted blends DO NOT have the same healing/uplifting effect

4 Useful Crystals That Can Help Change The Energy Of A Room

The space around us (even the seemingly empty space) has patterns of vibrating energy fields. We can cleanse and accentuate the energy in our home so it becomes a sanctuary for us, our families and friends. 

Natural crystals have unique force fields that can stimulate growth, penetrate and affect every level of consciousness and matter. Crystals are transformative, responsive, and regenerative. They stabilize our emotional body while energizing our physical body. 

Crystals improve 

  • ability to dream and meditate 
  • develop intuition & psychic senses
  • increase power of the brain to learn 
  • remember what is learned 

The energy fields in our homes absorb and retain the color vibrations from crystals. You can feel the difference in energy of a room that has crystals. The room “sings” with joyous and vibrant energy. 

Here are some crystals that work well with directions and intentions.

Cut-lead crystals, clear - joyous vibrant rainbow energies can be used in windows or anywhere you need energy to get flowing 

ROSE QUARTZ - South West area enhance love, romance, relationships

AMETHYST - North East of living room or bedroom for wisdom, guidance, increasing intuition and protection

WHITE QUARTZ - North West or West for Clarity and strength 

CITRINE - long term wealth / investments center of house also North West (for real estate investing use in office north west or south west)

Before using crystals it is VERY IMPORTANT to 

1. Clear the energy of the crystal and 

2. Put in an intention

Crystals absorb negative energies and emit a different uplifting vibration. If they are not cleared they will not be able to emit the vibrations you desire. 

Choose Art That Exudes Uplifting Emotions

Research  done in a hospital setting revealed some interesting insights. One group of people were placed in a room with no windows but a piece of modern art. A second group had large expansive windows with views of nature - greenery, mountains and a beautiful landscape. A third group of people had nature inspired art in their rooms.

The people in rooms with views of nature healed on average 4 - 5 days sooner. The rooms with people with modern art had very slow to no improvement, and people in rooms with nature based art recovered sooner than the rooms with modern art but not quite as quickly as those who had windows with natural views!

Rasa is the energetic essence of the material object that makes it pleasing. It is the emotional flavor evoked in us by the art, objects, arrangement, or space.

A truly beautiful object (of art or arrangement in your decor) captures our imagination and leads to a sense of transcendence - described as rasavandana.

As humans we experience 9 rasas (variations on the essence of beauty). The soothing or uplifting essence of beauty being through the emotions that arouse

  1. Tranquility
  2. Playfulness
  3. Heroism
  4. Wonder
  5. Romance
And  the darker sides of beauty
  1. Fear
  2. Contemptuousness
  3. Anger
  4. Compassion
Some rasas are appropriate for our homes and offices and some are not.

The darker rasas can be very powerfully expressed through art. These, however, are not a nourishing influence on us.

Such art, regardless of price or artist, should not find a place in our homes and offices. Their influence on us can be very deep at the subtle level playing out those rasas in our everyday living.

Choose art the arouses the soothing or uplifting essense of beauty in you - through tranquility, playfulness, heroism, wonder, and/or romance. 

Let In Morning Sunshine!

Our brain and body are electrical energy conductors. Our thalamus, the relay center for all the sensory and motor activities that occur in our brain, fires patterns of neurons differently when we are facing different directions! That means if we are facing South our brain fires different neurons from if we were facing North for the same situation.

Our mind is the interactive result of the Earth’s magnetic field on our brain cells. We are like an energy tuning fork. We work best when we are in harmony with our environment.

Allow your life to flow intune with nature. Allow the natural morning sunshine into your home every single day. Open Eastern and Northern Windows often. Northern magnetic energies and eastern solar energies exert positive supporting influences. 

6 Benefits Of Biophilic Design

One of the growing trends in interior design - Biophilic Design! Design that reconnects us with nature.


We have an innate biological connection with nature. Incorporating elements from nature :

  1. reduces stress
  2. enhances creativity
  3. brings in clarity of thought
  4. improves cognitive function
  5. improves well-being
  6. expedites healing
Bring the following into your home/office design
  • Plants
  • Water features
  • Aquariums
  • Sounds of nature
  • Flowers
  • Bird feeders
  • Views of gardens and nature from windows
  • Courtyard gardens
  • Green walls
  • Organic natural materials
  • Sequences and patterns found in nature
Good Biophilic Design creates spaces that are inspirational, restorative, support health, and integrate with the functionality of space and urban ecosystems.

3 Ways To Use Flowers For Therapy

“Mother Nature is a healer, and one of her most powerful gifts comes in the form of flowers. Each variety has a different ‘personality’ to promote physical and emotional wellness.” - Flower Therapy, Doreen Virtue & Robert Reeves.

ORCHIDS - The energy of Orchids lifts us up. They encourage us to not give up and continue reaching for the stars. Always focus on your perfect outcome. Orchids clear the sacral, heart, and crown chakra.

TULIPS - Tulips help us release anger and bring us back to Grace. They clear out the energies that cause annoyance and anger. They help us relax and focus better. Tulips clear the energy of the root, sacral, solar plexus, and the crown chakra

CARNATIONS - Carnations are beautiful relationship flowers. They make sure that things work out positively  and both partners are equally invested. They encourage faithfulness, commitment, and attracting soulmate relationships. Carnations balance the energies of the root and heart chakras.


  1. Rub your hands for a few seconds then hold them over and around the flowers. You needn’t touch the flower just close enough to connect with its energy

  2. Healing Bath - Think of your desire while holding the flowers in your hand, then gently pluck the petals and let them fall in the bathtub filled with warm water. Soak for atleast 15 minutes

  3. Display them in fresh water in a beautiful vase in a prominent place in your home and spend a few minutes each day just taking in their beauty.

Can Shapes In Decor Affect The Way People Behave?

We are in constant energetic dialog with our immediate surroundings (home, office, cubicle, etc.). As we walk into a room, in one second, just one single second our logical, conscious mind, the left side of the brain, takes in and processes 7 inputs (possibly smell, light sound). 10000 inputs are taken in by our creative, right side of the brain, the inputs that go directly to our subconscious mind.


A very simple thing like shapes – squares, rectangles, circles, ovals, and objects placed in numbers like threes, or fours can be used so beautifully to affect the behavior of people in a room. Graphic designers and clever marketers are always using shapes and numbers to drive our actions. Check out today’s video showing you the very basics of using shapes in our d├ęcor to suit the needs of the room.


Video duration: 6:31 minutes