How Your Space Can Transform You To The State Where Athletes Break World Records and Humans Perform Extraordinarily

A few years ago I read about the Grinberg-Zylberbaum Experiment:
Two people were asked to meditate together side by side while their brainwaves were measured by an electroencephalograph (EEG). Then one meditator was taken to a different room (closed and isolated).
They were asked to try to establish direct communication with each other (while continuing to meditate). The meditator that was shifted to the new location was now stimulated by bright flashing lights. The brainwaves of the meditator exposed to the lights did show little spikes corresponding to the flashing lights 
Now here is the fascinating part...
The meditator who was not exposed to the bright flashing lights (still located in the previous room) also showed little brainwave spikes corresponding to the flashing lights of the light-exposed meditator.
These results were explained by the scientists as correlation that occurs at the "the level of spirit that connects, orchestrates, and synchronizes everything"

Recently I came to learn (and experience) that our life as we experience it is affected by three important aspects. All three work together to make our life what it is