3 Details To Fine Tune - How To Transform Your Space To Experience The Extraordinary

 I was shown two objects and asked
What do you see?
Mirrors - a muted gold rimmed slight old style oval mirror and a square one - again gold, brighter wider border.

Now as you look at the objects, carefully observe how your eyes move.
Oval mirror - my eyes follow the rim of the oval. Don't recall if I actually looked at the center, probably not.
Square mirror - My eye goes to the edge design, but then moves to the center seeing my reflection (it doesn't follow the rim like it did for the oval one)


5 Ways Your Space Can Uplift Your Spirit

Have you ever been in a space that looked perfect, the decor was flawless, the lighting, the style - just like a dream space from a design magazine, but it felt like something was missing, a sort of hollow unsettling feel?
Or have you had the opposite experience:
Where you are in a space where nothing matches your taste or style, a space well done though, but you immediately feel at home? 
What is that special something about a space that immediately puts you at ease? The intangibles that enhance a space's comfort? That's the spirit of the home. 

"It's easy to get caught up in the material things that make a room look good. But just as important are the intangibles that make a space feel good. For your home is much more than a reflection of your taste and lifestyle. It also influences how you think and feel and act. And this connection between our spaces and our frame of mind is the spirit of the home."
Jean Nayar
The Happy Home Project