How Your Space Can Transform You To The State Where Athletes Break World Records and Humans Perform Extraordinarily

A few years ago I read about the Grinberg-Zylberbaum Experiment:
Two people were asked to meditate together side by side while their brainwaves were measured by an electroencephalograph (EEG). Then one meditator was taken to a different room (closed and isolated).
They were asked to try to establish direct communication with each other (while continuing to meditate). The meditator that was shifted to the new location was now stimulated by bright flashing lights. The brainwaves of the meditator exposed to the lights did show little spikes corresponding to the flashing lights 
Now here is the fascinating part...
The meditator who was not exposed to the bright flashing lights (still located in the previous room) also showed little brainwave spikes corresponding to the flashing lights of the light-exposed meditator.
These results were explained by the scientists as correlation that occurs at the "the level of spirit that connects, orchestrates, and synchronizes everything"

Recently I came to learn (and experience) that our life as we experience it is affected by three important aspects. All three work together to make our life what it is 

3 Details To Fine Tune - How To Transform Your Space To Experience The Extraordinary

 I was shown two objects and asked
What do you see?
Mirrors - a muted gold rimmed slight old style oval mirror and a square one - again gold, brighter wider border.

Now as you look at the objects, carefully observe how your eyes move.
Oval mirror - my eyes follow the rim of the oval. Don't recall if I actually looked at the center, probably not.
Square mirror - My eye goes to the edge design, but then moves to the center seeing my reflection (it doesn't follow the rim like it did for the oval one)


5 Ways Your Space Can Uplift Your Spirit

Have you ever been in a space that looked perfect, the decor was flawless, the lighting, the style - just like a dream space from a design magazine, but it felt like something was missing, a sort of hollow unsettling feel?
Or have you had the opposite experience:
Where you are in a space where nothing matches your taste or style, a space well done though, but you immediately feel at home? 
What is that special something about a space that immediately puts you at ease? The intangibles that enhance a space's comfort? That's the spirit of the home. 

"It's easy to get caught up in the material things that make a room look good. But just as important are the intangibles that make a space feel good. For your home is much more than a reflection of your taste and lifestyle. It also influences how you think and feel and act. And this connection between our spaces and our frame of mind is the spirit of the home."
Jean Nayar
The Happy Home Project

2 Ways To Use Color To Bring About Positive Change In Our Lives

It never occurred to me that butterflies, bees, and  other insects don't see the colors around us as we do. 

Butterflies and bees can see in the ultraviolet spectrum. Plants and flowers too radiate in this spectrum directing insects on how to spot nectar, where the pollen is, or landing strips on how to approach the flower.

How Your Space Can Increase The Positive Coincidences And Good Opportunities That Come Your Way

Have you ever had the experience:
Due to some unplanned events you had to change your regular time to take the later train. On the train you have a chance meeting with an old friend who also doesn't usually take this train home. You get a chance to catch up and through this meeting you end up with a lead for a new job.
Or maybe something simple:
You feel like having warm pie and your neighbor brings over some fresh pumpkin pie. 
Coincidences...Positive, Happy, Unplanned Events
For many years now I have been helping people increase the cosmic flow of life through their living environments. The misconception that some have is that their life will change dramatically overnight. 

How To Clean Up Your Act Just Once And Never Have To Do It Again (Hint: It's Easy If You Follow 4 Steps)

Have you ever felt that you organized your drawer or closet and before you know it, it's back to where you had started? 

I've tried and failed on several occasions - Do a little each day, try one space at a time, try just one drawer, ... and a few others. No matter what, I rebound to my default state of too much stuff and chaos.

Less than 6 months ago, I paid good money to helpers to have my pantry cleaned out, only to have it look exactly like before in less than 48 hours (that was a record even for me)!

While I am not particularly disorganized, I seem to be always short on time, or not motivated enough, or have better things to do, or not enough storage, or have some other excuse.

But today, as I stand in my closet, I am a changed person. It's been nearly 4 months  and my closet continues to be - clean, organized, with lots of breathing room between clothes, and carrying only clothes that I absolutely love!

The 1 Thing Everyone MUST Check For In Their Bedroom And Office.

2:00 a.m : I have been pacing around the room as my 2 year old daughter sleeps peacefully in my arms. 
2:15 a.m : Try to place her on our bed 
2:17 a.m : Awake again. I need to pick her up and pace again. 
That was the story of our lives. Not just on this night, but every single night from the day our daughter was born. We thought it was just our daughter. 

Then we decided to check our room for geopathic stress lines. And what do you know! One large line ran right through the middle of the room and another one diagonally crossing it - right through the bed.

We decided to help her sleep in a different room the following night. Prepared to pace the night as usual, we placed our sleeping daughter on the bed in a different room. 10:00 pm - sleeping, 11:00 pm still sleeping. Midnight - fast asleep. 2:00 am Sleeping like a baby! 

Steve Jobs, Zen, And Your Space. 7 Principles To Step Out Of The Mundane And Mindless.

Steve Jobs, Zen Buddhism, Apple Computers.  While Steve Jobs and Apple Computers go hand in hand, I had not associated Zen with the equation (at least not consciously)
Apple Computers earns $300,000 per minute. The company, worth more than the entire Russian Stock Market, has more operating cash than the US treasury (Apple Facts). 

Steve Jobs created the Apple Computers we know today. A pioneer and an inspiration, he changed the face of technology. 

How The Journey To Balance Can Begin With Simple Child's Play

I've been finding a lot on my plate lately.  

Do you ever find yourself get home from chaos at work to just as much juggling at home? As one writer put it succinctly, "I give all my time, with love for my loved ones, but when will I feel balanced?"

This is a blog about living the life you love. It is also about changing your space. Today instead of changing the physical space, we focus on figuratively changing or slightly tweaking the space (& time) between the hours we have in a day - to move towards the life you love

3 Easy Action Steps To Ease The To-Do List Overwhelm

I was walking down the stairs making a mental note of my endless list of things to get done. The voices of my excited children vaguely sounding in the background. I hear them calling for me, but I am so lost in what needs to get done, that their voices fade into the background. I was way past the sticky note versus the to-do list conundrum.

A bright and early summer morning. Eager and active kids waiting to be entertained, meals to be prepared, chores to be done, work, and deadlines to be met. Barely 10 am and I found myself in overwhelm.

As Mark Silver points out, "If there is one thing that is completely common ... it’s overwhelm. We all get there at least occasionally, and some of us seem to have set up permanent residence. Unfortunately, the view ain’t so nice, and the rent is exorbitant."

Try This 1 Thing And Be More Tuned In To What's Really Important

I was asked the question of what I do when I have some time on my hands. (First thought: I don't have any time on my hands. Wish I had some!) 

How do you mean? For instance waiting for an appointment, stuck in a traffic jam, or if I have a spare half-hour due to a cancelled appointment. 

4 Easy Steps To Your Own Butterfly Paradise.

As we entered the large farmers market earlier this year, we were greeted by a smorgasbord of color, fragrances, fresh flowers, and plants. The entrance was lined by gardening plants and offerings from local nurseries. 

Inspired to create a beautiful garden we set out to see if we can create a butterfly garden:
  • Our focus - low maintenance
  • Priority - involve kids
  • Time- short weekend project
While creating a plant paradise was certainly not on our list, we discovered that making a small butterfly garden can be done in a few easy steps. 

Whether you have a few square feet of space on your patio, a window box, or a small area of your yard that can be dedicated to butterflies - with just a little effort you can enjoy some quality time outdoors with your kids while creating an environment high on interest and low on upkeep.

Your Wish Is My Command! How To Connect To The Abundant Flow Using Bells.

Ding Dong! 

"We are in the area and are done with work in your neighborhood. Would you like us to trim down the trees in your yard?" 

30 minutes later, I stood shocked as yet another one of my desires manifest within 24 hours. Less than a day ago I had made a mental note - It would be nice to have these trees trimmed down. The kids will have more room to play.  

In this day and age of endless to-do lists, compare, quote, and research, this project would have been a good half day's worth of research and scheduling. And here I was with no effort, minimal cost, standing in my clean front yard. It was almost as if the wind had heard my desires and said your wish is my command!

How To Use Sensory Branding To Live The Life You Love.

Great brands have been known to do it. Supermarkets and department stores have been putting it into practice seamlessly. You think you are a smart shopper? Think again.

The best brands (Apple, Starbucks, IBM, Mercedes, Nike) know that it's crucial to use all of our five senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste) to build a brand. The sensory experience is what gets you to buy their products over and over and  over.

A multi-sensory brand experience generates certain beliefs, feelings, thoughts, and opinions in our minds.
All great marketers know this is the easiest way to touch the soul of a customer.

So What Does That Have To Do With Living The Life You Love?

Sensory processing dominates our brain functioning.  Everything we experience is the result of a sensory stimuli. Activating our five senses pulls us into the experience.

Can Your Front Door Location Really Affect Your Life?

Have you ever wondered how a space can affect you? Can the location of your master bedroom or even your front door cause a divorce or health issues. It all sounds a bit out there.

Some part of me has always had that question. The logical part of my brain just didn't seem to accept that a space can affect you on such a deep level. Well, until we moved into a house and I fell ill (inexplicably) within a few weeks of moving in. 

Still didn't think it was the house. A family member suggested we move house, which after some thought we did. And would you know it! Just as mysteriously as I had fallen ill, I got better within a few weeks of moving.

How is this possible? Can a house do that to you? 

What began as a curious inquiry, soon turned to rapt fascination as I heard Architect Michael Borden lecture on concepts of space, time, and cosmic resonant architecture.

How To Give Our Children The Gifts That Matter

Kids in the United States are one of the unhappiest in the world (Ranked 2 unhappiest. UK takes 1st place. UNICEF child well-being research)

Boys now spend 44 hours in front of a TV, smartphone or computer for every half hour in conversation with their fathers. (The Guardian

"Something is a amiss. We need to sit up, pay attention, and  raise our children differently."
Dr.  Shefali Tsabary
Clinical Psychologist & 
Best Selling Author

How to step out of the go-go-go lifestyle and have fun while doing it.

  • The average 10-year-old owns 238 toys but plays with just 12 daily (The Telegraph).  
  • We spend 10 minutes every day looking for lost items (phones, keys, documents, and glasses top the list). On average we lose up to 9 items every day (The Daily Mail)

Stuff. Its everywhere. Many of us are stuck in the consumer focused mentality. We don't  realize the deep impact this STUFF has on our lives.

If you have you ever felt that your life is stuck in go-go-go mode, then this post is for you.   

Hint: It's easy and its fun ...stay tuned for the fun challenge at the end of this post

The 1 thing you need to know before moving house.

As the golden rays of the morning sun gently spill into the dark sky, I sit on my porch  watching the earth wake up.  

The dark shades slowly fade into the beautiful rich orange hues and the blue sky emerges. The fresh air is mesmerizing, the energy invigorating. I feel restfully alert as I listen to the sounds of the birds, ready to take on the day. 

I didn't know much about spaces, energies, or structures when we were looking to buy a house. We had moved a few times and  I had  figured out the morning sun is something I wanted to feel all the way through the house. 

The stress of buying a new house
The home buying process is certainly not an easy one. Way high up on the stress and anxiety scale, when buying a  home, there are a gazillion things to consider - budget, school district, neighbors, resale, location, style. The list goes on and on.

But wait...

The stress and anxiety of the home buying process will be over and  done with in a few weeks.  Your health, happiness, and entire living experience depend on certain factors of the home. There are a few things worth knowing. 

3 simple practices you didn't think could change your life.

"Pooooooooonh!" , "Pooooooooooonh". That's what I heard when I was visiting my parents sometime back. I remember asking my mother what that strange sound was. 

She calmly responded that it was our neighbor blowing the conch shell in all the rooms in his house. He always does that when he returns from a trip, she continued calmly. I wondered what that would do. I recently found out and am quite excited to share that here

Bear with me for a few moments while I shift gears ....

Now here is something interesting that I learned as  part of my journey of self discovery about spaces and energy. 
We humans receive life giving energy from the earth grid. We also receive the vibrations, sounds and energies from the sun and planetary bodies. These energies sort of recharge our life force. 

Why your house is making you unhappy. The answer lies in your cells.

In the womb, life begins. In pure zero space, the Universe, cosmic life begins.

Human life starts with the egg cell. At fertilization, the egg cell becomes the zygote. Filled with potential for life. In space, vital energy fills a cube, the microbode (Paramanu or if you prefer the modern CERN scientists' term Higgs Boson particle). A single line of light in the microbode, the brahmasutra, bears the potential for cosmic life.

The zygote begins to divide. It develops into an embryo.  The microbode begins to divide. It expands in concentric belts forming larger cubes. 

The embryo takes the form of human life, vibrant with energy and alive. The cosmic vital force (concentric cubes oriented with true magnetic North) is also vibrant and alive. 

Human life (and all other life on our planet) is powered by solar, lunar, and stellar forces. Cosmic vital life is also powered by solar, lunar, and stellar forces. 

Our connection with cosmic life goes deep. Way deep. Every single cell in our body resonates with the cosmic vital life force. The Universe is consistent. Life begins in parallel .. human life and cosmic life. 

How to jazz up your next meeting, event, or party

What do the following 5 things have in common? 
1. Indian Ragas
2. Certain Church Music Scales 
3. Lambdoma
4. Proportions of the overtone scale 
5. The major and minor scale

Any ideas? 
Other than the fact that they are all somehow related to music, all of these things have specific patterns. Patterns that match the structures in our living Universe. 

Our living Universe has an overwhelming treasure of structures: from the smallest atomic structures, our DNAs, and snowflakes, to the distances of the planets from the sun and even shapes of galaxies. 

How to clear stagnant and chaotic energies

It is said you only realize the importance of something once it is no longer a part of your life.

NASA realized that as it sent healthy astronauts up in space they developed severe psychological and physiological issues, including osteoporosis and muscle wasting.

We apparently need gravity to prevent our muscles from wasting and earth energies to maintain our bone density!  They fixed the problem by introducing Schumann simulators on all space shuttles to replicate earth's natural frequency.

Stress. What you may never have thought is the real reason for your stress.

1 in 5 Americans experience extreme stress. 3 out of 4 doctors visits are stress related. $300 billion spent every year as a nation on ailments related to stress. (Statistics: American Institute of Stress )

That means there is at least 1 member is almost every household in the United States that experiences extreme stress! 

Hold a scarf wrinkled real tight in your hand. Now place it down, what happens?  
It releases the tension and opens up. German author Barbel Mohr describes how we have to exert a certain amount of physical pressure to keep the scarf in the tight position. 

Our natural state is of happiness, relaxed, and in balance (just look at a new born). Certain external factors are exerting a strong influence to keep us in a tight stressed state. 

Play. 5 Simple Ways To Encourage Interaction With A Space.

7:10000, what in the world is that? The ratio of our brain input. As we walk into a space, in one second, just one single second, our logical, conscious mind, left side of the brain, takes in and processes 7 inputs (possibly smell, light, sound). 10000 inputs are taken in by our creative, right side of the brain, the inputs that go directly to our subconscious mind.

Ever have the experience where you walk into a room and you  feel the need to become quiet, or the opposite experience, where you walk into a lively, colorful room, and you just can't help smiling or babbling?  Well now you know ... it's the 10000 inputs/second that our creative side of the brain is taking in. Who knew!

So where does interaction with space come in ? What do I mean by that and why even do it?

We are in constant energetic dialog with our immediate space (home, office, cubicle, whatever space we spend time in).  By now most of us are on board with the idea that everything is energy, a vibration.