How Your Space Can Transform You To The State Where Athletes Break World Records and Humans Perform Extraordinarily

A few years ago I read about the Grinberg-Zylberbaum Experiment:
Two people were asked to meditate together side by side while their brainwaves were measured by an electroencephalograph (EEG). Then one meditator was taken to a different room (closed and isolated).
They were asked to try to establish direct communication with each other (while continuing to meditate). The meditator that was shifted to the new location was now stimulated by bright flashing lights. The brainwaves of the meditator exposed to the lights did show little spikes corresponding to the flashing lights 
Now here is the fascinating part...
The meditator who was not exposed to the bright flashing lights (still located in the previous room) also showed little brainwave spikes corresponding to the flashing lights of the light-exposed meditator.
These results were explained by the scientists as correlation that occurs at the "the level of spirit that connects, orchestrates, and synchronizes everything"

Recently I came to learn (and experience) that our life as we experience it is affected by three important aspects. All three work together to make our life what it is 

  1. Free Will - Our intentions, efforts, meditation/spiritual practices
  2. Our Physical Environment - the space, etheric/energetic space
  3. Destiny - the distribution of stars at the horizon where and when you are born
You may have heard of all of these three and may be even have insights on their use and power. What's important here is using these three simultaneously and in alignment

If we keep the stars aside for a moment, our free will controls 1/3. If we add in our physical environment we gain 2/3 the power! 

Let's get to some concrete facts...

5 States Of Our Brain

Watch Neuroscientist Fred Travis give a live brainwave pattern EEG demo. 

Dr. Travis has been studying brain wave patterns for 20 years. In this live demo we can see how within just a few seconds of beginning meditation Dariana's brain waves change. (Video approx 5 minutes)

Our brain can be in one of 5 states 
1. Gamma (Above 40Hz) Insight
  • bursts of insight and high-level information processing.

2. Beta (14 - 40 Hz) Waking Consciousness, Reasoning
Majority of us operate at Beta 
  • Alert, logical, critical thinking
  • Operating from the 5 physical senses and conscious rational thinking
  • Can translate into stress, anxiety, and  restlessness 

3. Alpha (7.5 - 14 Hz) Deep Relaxation
"The flow state where athletes break world records, actors move audiences to tears, scientists make stunning discoveries, business people make far-reaching decisions—where human beings perform almost supernaturally."
  • Heightens our imagination, visualization, memory, learning and concentration.
  • Open to new opportunities, good fortune, and good possibilities
  • Goals manifest at much greater speed
  • The voice of Alpha is your intuition, which becomes clearer and more profound the closer you get to 7.5Hz.

4. Theta (4 - 7.5 Hz) Meditation, Sleeping
  • Realm of your subconsciousness
  • Only experienced momentarily as you drift off to sleep from Alpha and wake from deep sleep (from Delta)
  • Vivid visualizations, great inspiration, profound creativity and exceptional insight
  • Expanded inner senses and effortless learning and inner calm

 5. Delta (0.5 - 4 Hz) Deep Sleep 
  • Deep, dreamless sleep and in very deep, transcendental meditation where awareness is fully detached
Source: Finer Minds

The Connection Of Brain Waves And Our Physical Environment
 Our physical spaces have a vibrational field - called the "brain wave of the home or office". 

Most cluttered spaces and homes are at Beta

Nature, Cathedrals, Temples, and  places where you are renewed, refreshed, and inspired vibrate at a higher level. 

Nature vibrates at the Alpha Brain Wave, many Monasteries, Cathedrals, and  Temples vibrate at a Delta Brain Wave. 

Within just a few seconds of being in such an environment, our brain waves are elevated to the higher vibration and begin resonating with it.

Experimental Proof 
Marie Diamond, internationally known Master, transformational leader, and energy practitioner from Belgium, was one of the first to make an astonishing discovery -

 - Physical environments also vibrate at Brain Wave Frequencies. Our brain waves are altered to come into resonance with the vibration of the space. 

To test the theory, a subject, unaware of the purpose of the experiment, was hooked to a portable EEG machine. The subject was brought into an ordinary room where there had been NO alignment of Universal Energy. Her brain produced many spikes of Beta Brain Waves. Beta waves cause chaos and conscious mind activity that make it difficult to focus or be relaxed

The subject was then brought into a room where the objects and space had been aligned to the flow of Universal Energy (colors, furniture arrangement, objects, images, etc.) Within a few seconds, the Beta Brain Waves disappeared and her brain began displaying Alpha Brain Waves - with absolutely no effort on the subject's part.

Weekly Project  
Experience The Sheer Power Of Aligning Your Intentions and Your Physical Environment With The Universal Energy

Choose a space where you spend most of your hours

Step 1: Physically clean the space 
Step 2: Set a simple achievable intention 
Once you experience results, you will be more confident setting deeper intentions
Examples could include - fun family evening with lots of laughter, find a missing object or a wish to receive flowers unexpectedly or some other simple intention
We once very mysteriously found lots of sand on a couch with no explicable reason. No family member had any idea how it got there. We wracked our brains for several weeks, no answer until we decided to set the playful intention to find out how the sand got there.

We did get our answer almost within 24 hours - through a sequence of many coincidences which we have no way to explain except via the alignment of the Universal Energy to fulfill our intention.
Step 3: Clear the energy using any of the following tools/methods 
Note: This is an important step, an energetically cleared room "transmits" intentions almost instantaneously. At the very least do a simple incense clearing
Step 4: Ignite The Intention
Close your eyes, imagine how you would feel once your intention is accomplished. Once you are in the state where you can feel it, at that precise moment ignite a candle or lamp.
Fire (a basic element of the Universal Energy) is very powerful in capturing our intentions and feelings and transmitting it into the energy field. 
Note: This process is even more powerful if surfaces are clutter-free, furniture has been arranged according to the flow of Universal Energy, and colors in the space have been tuned to the natural energy directions. However, for the purpose of this weekly project you should still be able to see results by just carrying out an energy cleanse or space clearing. 

Set your skepticism aside for a few days and give this a go. You will find how easy it is to awaken the infinite life force that is latent in your body, mind, and surrounding space.

As Ilchi Lee respected author, mentor, and innovator devoted to developing the awakened brain and teaching energy principles says - begin to experience a life overflowing with vitality, passion, and significance. 

Let us know how your weekly project goes. Share your 1 main insight or take away. Have you a better or quicker way of changing the "brainwaves" of a room? Let us know your experience. 

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