Why your house is making you unhappy. The answer lies in your cells.

In the womb, life begins. In pure zero space, the Universe, cosmic life begins.

Human life starts with the egg cell. At fertilization, the egg cell becomes the zygote. Filled with potential for life. In space, vital energy fills a cube, the microbode (Paramanu or if you prefer the modern CERN scientists' term Higgs Boson particle). A single line of light in the microbode, the brahmasutra, bears the potential for cosmic life.

The zygote begins to divide. It develops into an embryo.  The microbode begins to divide. It expands in concentric belts forming larger cubes. 

The embryo takes the form of human life, vibrant with energy and alive. The cosmic vital force (concentric cubes oriented with true magnetic North) is also vibrant and alive. 

Human life (and all other life on our planet) is powered by solar, lunar, and stellar forces. Cosmic vital life is also powered by solar, lunar, and stellar forces. 

Our connection with cosmic life goes deep. Way deep. Every single cell in our body resonates with the cosmic vital life force. The Universe is consistent. Life begins in parallel .. human life and cosmic life. 

How to jazz up your next meeting, event, or party

What do the following 5 things have in common? 
1. Indian Ragas
2. Certain Church Music Scales 
3. Lambdoma
4. Proportions of the overtone scale 
5. The major and minor scale

Any ideas? 
Other than the fact that they are all somehow related to music, all of these things have specific patterns. Patterns that match the structures in our living Universe. 

Our living Universe has an overwhelming treasure of structures: from the smallest atomic structures, our DNAs, and snowflakes, to the distances of the planets from the sun and even shapes of galaxies. 

How to clear stagnant and chaotic energies

It is said you only realize the importance of something once it is no longer a part of your life.

NASA realized that as it sent healthy astronauts up in space they developed severe psychological and physiological issues, including osteoporosis and muscle wasting.

We apparently need gravity to prevent our muscles from wasting and earth energies to maintain our bone density!  They fixed the problem by introducing Schumann simulators on all space shuttles to replicate earth's natural frequency.

Stress. What you may never have thought is the real reason for your stress.

1 in 5 Americans experience extreme stress. 3 out of 4 doctors visits are stress related. $300 billion spent every year as a nation on ailments related to stress. (Statistics: American Institute of Stress )

That means there is at least 1 member is almost every household in the United States that experiences extreme stress! 

Hold a scarf wrinkled real tight in your hand. Now place it down, what happens?  
It releases the tension and opens up. German author Barbel Mohr describes how we have to exert a certain amount of physical pressure to keep the scarf in the tight position. 

Our natural state is of happiness, relaxed, and in balance (just look at a new born). Certain external factors are exerting a strong influence to keep us in a tight stressed state. 

Play. 5 Simple Ways To Encourage Interaction With A Space.

7:10000, what in the world is that? The ratio of our brain input. As we walk into a space, in one second, just one single second, our logical, conscious mind, left side of the brain, takes in and processes 7 inputs (possibly smell, light, sound). 10000 inputs are taken in by our creative, right side of the brain, the inputs that go directly to our subconscious mind.

Ever have the experience where you walk into a room and you  feel the need to become quiet, or the opposite experience, where you walk into a lively, colorful room, and you just can't help smiling or babbling?  Well now you know ... it's the 10000 inputs/second that our creative side of the brain is taking in. Who knew!

So where does interaction with space come in ? What do I mean by that and why even do it?

We are in constant energetic dialog with our immediate space (home, office, cubicle, whatever space we spend time in).  By now most of us are on board with the idea that everything is energy, a vibration.