Stress. What you may never have thought is the real reason for your stress.

1 in 5 Americans experience extreme stress. 3 out of 4 doctors visits are stress related. $300 billion spent every year as a nation on ailments related to stress. (Statistics: American Institute of Stress )

That means there is at least 1 member is almost every household in the United States that experiences extreme stress! 

Hold a scarf wrinkled real tight in your hand. Now place it down, what happens?  
It releases the tension and opens up. German author Barbel Mohr describes how we have to exert a certain amount of physical pressure to keep the scarf in the tight position. 

Our natural state is of happiness, relaxed, and in balance (just look at a new born). Certain external factors are exerting a strong influence to keep us in a tight stressed state. 

Get ready for this now ...

The architecture of our living/working environment is one of the  underlying external factors exerting a strong stress on us

20 years of research on the influence of the architecture of our living and working space on our mind/body health has some startling results. There is a strong correlation between mental health, cardiovascular health, and prosperity and the orientation of the subject’s home.
Neuroscience research shows that our brain has "place" neurons that signal our body's location in a house or environment and also our orientation. Neurons in the thalamus (information hub of the brain) have shown to fire depending on the direction a person is facing. 

That means if I am facing East, the neurons fire a particular way. If I continue to stand in the same spot but turn to face the south, the neurons will fire very differently.

Research has also consistently shown that buildings with incorrect structure and orientations (with respect to the flow of cosmic energies) creates imbalances in the mind and body. Research shows that this is possibly a cause of the increased anxiety, illness, failure (family and professionally), and anti-social behavior.

The energies that surround us and how they affect us

We are beings of energy, of light. The subtle life force, the cosmic breath, prana, chi, the Holy Spirit (or call it any one of the names from 65 different world cultures), flows through us like it flows through other living  entities including the planets, the sun, and earth.

When we build a structure this life force energy is disrupted causing stagnations or blocks in this flow (which translates to more distortions in the natural energies that we receive or in simple terms more stress for us), just like a river sometimes develops stagnant pools as it curves its way to the sea. 

Outdoors in nature, solar, planetary, and earth energies nourish us and 'recharge our batteries'  through our chakras. These universal energies also exert an influence on a built structure. 

When we are inside built space, we receive the energies through the structures we are in. These can be distorted depending on the actual physical construction of the building. Its like receiving the transmission through a distorted filter. 

3 benefits of clearing stagnant and chaotic energies that surround us 

Physically clearing these energies using methods (herbs, havans, bells, drums) followed by several ancient cultures has shown to release 'the tight grip' or the external pressure for a certain period of time.

More on how to clear a space using the drum here and bells here.

At least 3 of the following powerful effects have been observed

1. De-cluttering: A large amount of surface clutter seems to easily disappear a day or two after clearing the energies. Usually very minimal effort facilitates de-cluttering

2. Emotional Release (De-stress/period of calm): People in a cleared space experience an emotional release for a few hours.They lighten up and are more relaxed and positive (much like releasing the tight grip on the scarf). Regular energetic space clearings have shown the emotional releases to reduce over time and the people staying more positive.

3. Quick manifestations of desire. Ancient Vedic texts describe the science of space and structures to be made up of 5 gross elements (air, water, earth, fire, and space) and 3 subtle elements (sound, light, and time). Dr Sthapathi Ganapati helps us understand that the subtle element time is the time required for energy (can be interpreted as intention) to manifest into physical form. 

In a cleared space if you hold a clear intention, it seems to materialize almost instantaneously

Here is my experience ... I had done a clearing the day before. I am driving home and I have the desire to listen to a certain genre of music. Never said a word about this to anyone.

When I reach home, my husband walks up to me and says, "Here listen to this" and he plays an album of songs. It is the same genre of music I had the desire to listen to just a few minutes earlier!

Similar experiences have repeatedly transpired at our home just a day or two after a clearing.

Have you had an experience after clearing a space? Did you experience an emotional release (crying, anger, guilt, depression)? Did you notice you de-cluttered or simplified your space? 

Do share your experience in the comments below and check out our post on how to clear your space. 

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