VIDEO SERIES. Allergies? Lowered Body Immunity? Cancers? Check (and FIX) Your Space For These.

It seems like almost everyone these days suffers from severe allergies, from environmental ones to rare food allergies. Vitamin D deficiency, anemia, and lowered body immunity is also very common. Inspite of healthy organic food and an active lifestyle why are more and more people suffering? Is the human body really so weak? 

Follow along in this video series to see if your space may be a contributing factor. What is more important is that its really easy to fix once identified. 

Video 1: What is in our space that is causing our body immunity to be severely compromised?

Time: 4:24 minutes

Have questions? Let us know in the comments below and we will attempt to answer here or in our next video. 

Video 2: How to make L-rods to detect stress zones?