4 Principles Of Uplifting Design.

Video duration: 6:16 minutes

What good is an absolutely stunning looking place if when someone walks in to just feel uneasy or upset? My thoughts exactly!

We've all experienced how it feels to walk into a room right after an argument. The tension in there is really perceptible.  We've also experienced the opposite..ever been to Disney world? No matter where you come from, your age, or your background, Disney has a way to shift our experience. That is no coincidence. Disney Imagineers have very carefully worked on the minutest detail of every square inch of their theme parks to affect us on the subconscious and subtle level - the part of our brain that runs the shots and rules our living experience.

It's not just about design styles and trends. Sure designs and styles make a difference but its about leveling up the quality of your life by tuning into subtle energy fields. These subtle energy shifts not just make a space feel good but completely uplift the way you or anyone entering the home feels.

As a little girl, a simple, seemingly unimportant experience transformed the way I looked at spaces and set me on a journey of new discoveries. And boy am I grateful for it! Follow along as I share how it all started and share the 4 principles of design that makes us feel good in a space. These are the 4 principles that are used by energy designers to shift the experience in a room. They are easy and can be easily incorporated in our own homes.

Let me know in the comments below if you have experienced walking into a room and without any explanation just felt uneasy.