The 1 Thing Everyone MUST Check For In Their Bedroom And Office.

2:00 a.m : I have been pacing around the room as my 2 year old daughter sleeps peacefully in my arms. 
2:15 a.m : Try to place her on our bed 
2:17 a.m : Awake again. I need to pick her up and pace again. 
That was the story of our lives. Not just on this night, but every single night from the day our daughter was born. We thought it was just our daughter. 

Then we decided to check our room for geopathic stress lines. And what do you know! One large line ran right through the middle of the room and another one diagonally crossing it - right through the bed.

We decided to help her sleep in a different room the following night. Prepared to pace the night as usual, we placed our sleeping daughter on the bed in a different room. 10:00 pm - sleeping, 11:00 pm still sleeping. Midnight - fast asleep. 2:00 am Sleeping like a baby! 

Steve Jobs, Zen, And Your Space. 7 Principles To Step Out Of The Mundane And Mindless.

Steve Jobs, Zen Buddhism, Apple Computers.  While Steve Jobs and Apple Computers go hand in hand, I had not associated Zen with the equation (at least not consciously)
Apple Computers earns $300,000 per minute. The company, worth more than the entire Russian Stock Market, has more operating cash than the US treasury (Apple Facts). 

Steve Jobs created the Apple Computers we know today. A pioneer and an inspiration, he changed the face of technology. 

How The Journey To Balance Can Begin With Simple Child's Play

I've been finding a lot on my plate lately.  

Do you ever find yourself get home from chaos at work to just as much juggling at home? As one writer put it succinctly, "I give all my time, with love for my loved ones, but when will I feel balanced?"

This is a blog about living the life you love. It is also about changing your space. Today instead of changing the physical space, we focus on figuratively changing or slightly tweaking the space (& time) between the hours we have in a day - to move towards the life you love

3 Easy Action Steps To Ease The To-Do List Overwhelm

I was walking down the stairs making a mental note of my endless list of things to get done. The voices of my excited children vaguely sounding in the background. I hear them calling for me, but I am so lost in what needs to get done, that their voices fade into the background. I was way past the sticky note versus the to-do list conundrum.

A bright and early summer morning. Eager and active kids waiting to be entertained, meals to be prepared, chores to be done, work, and deadlines to be met. Barely 10 am and I found myself in overwhelm.

As Mark Silver points out, "If there is one thing that is completely common ... it’s overwhelm. We all get there at least occasionally, and some of us seem to have set up permanent residence. Unfortunately, the view ain’t so nice, and the rent is exorbitant."

Try This 1 Thing And Be More Tuned In To What's Really Important

I was asked the question of what I do when I have some time on my hands. (First thought: I don't have any time on my hands. Wish I had some!) 

How do you mean? For instance waiting for an appointment, stuck in a traffic jam, or if I have a spare half-hour due to a cancelled appointment.