4 Benefits of Matangi Mudra


The matangi mudra is a simple yet powerful mudra that opens and balances the solar plexus. It’s the mudra of transformation. Check out the video.

The mudra benefits the heart, stomach, liver, duodenum, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas and kidneys. 


  1. enhances digestions 
  2. supports circulation
  3. supports our lymphatic system 
  4. cultivates energy, passion, and Divine Will 

Focus on “My inner lights illuminates and guides my path.”

Combining mudras with essential oil and crystals can magnify their benefits and results immensely. 

Do the matangi mudra with one (or more) of the following essential oils 

Chamomile, geranium, cypress, rosemary, sandalwood, juniper, lemon

You can further enhance the experience by combining with crystals. The yellow crystals work so well with the solar plexus and all conditions from its imbalance. 

Use with crystals - topaz, citrine, yellow zircon, amber. 

Mudras are so simple yet they channel powerful Universal energy flow through our bodies enabling transformation and healing from the inside out. 

5 Easy Ways To Use Crystals Everyday


Crystals have an internal structure very similar to living organisms. They affect people, plants, food and everything living.


  1. Stimulate and help regrow cells in our body 
  2. Stabilize our emotional body
  3. Energize our physical body 
  4. Help develop intuition and psychic senses
  5. Increase  power of the brain to learn 
  6. Help us remember what is learned 
Here are a few easy ways to use crystals everyday...
  • Drinking crystal water everyday clears the body of toxicity. 
  • Plants grow better when crystals are placed around them. 
  • Keep a few crystals around fruits and vegetables they will stay fresh longer. 
  • Place a few crystals in a vase of water, the flowers will last longer
  • Use crystals around sprouts - they will develop faster and stronger 
Its always important to clear the energy of crystals before using them. Always use crystals with an intention. 


The Power Of Essential Oils - 3 Amazing Benefits

Our current tech-filled environment with WiFi, emfs, microwaves and cell phone signals creates a very dissonant and harmful frequency. These chaotic and incoherent frequencies "fracture the human electrical field" and result in all levels of physical and mental diseases.

Essential oils have the highest biometric frequencies of any natural substance. They are powerful in protecting us in this new environment.

Essential Oils :
  • Regenerate damaged cells
  • Sustain energy vitality
  • Build a higher immune defense to viruses
Diffuse them everyday! Over time you will see shifts in your life. 

7 benefits of powerful, transformational Mudras - A great addition to your meditation and yoga practice.


Mudras can be practiced seated (or along with your mediation), standing, walking or lying down.

Add a few drops of the chosen essential oil to the palms of your hands, rub between your hands and deeply inhale. Then begin the mudra. Essential oils used along with mudras create powerful energy shifts.

In any position, it is important that the spine is long and naturally aligned. Relax the shoulders and the chest soft to allow the diaphragm and rib cage to move freely as you breathe. Use smooth and deep breaths that enable the flow of prana/chi/energy.

Mudras can be held anywhere from 5 breaths to a few minutes.

Allow awareness to deepen, notice the physical body sensations, energetic sensations, the quality of thoughts and emotions and spiritual connections

3 Flowers That Can Help Activate Your Subtle Energy For Successful Relationships


“Mother Nature is a healer, and one of her most powerful gifts comes in the form of flowers. Each variety has a different ‘personality’ to promote physical and emotional wellness.” - Flower Therapy, Doreen Virtue & Robert Reeves.

Flowers have a beautiful and powerful biofield (aura). Even flowers that have been cut have their biofields almost complete as if they were still on the plant. Research has shown that these biofields respond to our emotions and also energize our energy centers. 

Here are 3 flowers that can help us with various stages of our relationships - not just romantic relationships but relationships with anyone - our friends, our siblings, our parents, and even love relationships 

Rudbeckia (black-eye susan) - helps release strong negative and toxic past relationship blocks from our energy body making way for new ones to blossom

Calla Lily - A powerful soulmate attractor flower. Very helpful to bring that special person into our life 

Carnations - A perfect flower for weddings as it gives power to loyalty, commitment, and long lasting relationships. 

Bring these fresh flowers into you home or office or work desk. Allow their powerful subtle energy to support you energetically.

To activate the benefits of flower therapy spend a few minutes visualizing your desired outcome, then do one of the following: 


Rub your hands for a few seconds then hold them over and around the flowers. You needn’t touch the flower just close enough to connect with its energy

Healing Bath - Think of your desire while holding the flowers in your hand, then gently pluck the petals and let them fall in the bathtub filled with warm water. Soak for at least 15 minutes

Display them in fresh water in a beautiful vase in a prominent place in your home and spend a few minutes each day just taking in their beauty.

Just spending a few moments enjoying the flower’s beauty can activate their therapy effects in you.