4 Easy Steps To Your Own Butterfly Paradise.

As we entered the large farmers market earlier this year, we were greeted by a smorgasbord of color, fragrances, fresh flowers, and plants. The entrance was lined by gardening plants and offerings from local nurseries. 

Inspired to create a beautiful garden we set out to see if we can create a butterfly garden:
  • Our focus - low maintenance
  • Priority - involve kids
  • Time- short weekend project
While creating a plant paradise was certainly not on our list, we discovered that making a small butterfly garden can be done in a few easy steps. 

Whether you have a few square feet of space on your patio, a window box, or a small area of your yard that can be dedicated to butterflies - with just a little effort you can enjoy some quality time outdoors with your kids while creating an environment high on interest and low on upkeep.

Your Wish Is My Command! How To Connect To The Abundant Flow Using Bells.

Ding Dong! 

"We are in the area and are done with work in your neighborhood. Would you like us to trim down the trees in your yard?" 

30 minutes later, I stood shocked as yet another one of my desires manifest within 24 hours. Less than a day ago I had made a mental note - It would be nice to have these trees trimmed down. The kids will have more room to play.  

In this day and age of endless to-do lists, compare, quote, and research, this project would have been a good half day's worth of research and scheduling. And here I was with no effort, minimal cost, standing in my clean front yard. It was almost as if the wind had heard my desires and said your wish is my command!

How To Use Sensory Branding To Live The Life You Love.

Great brands have been known to do it. Supermarkets and department stores have been putting it into practice seamlessly. You think you are a smart shopper? Think again.

The best brands (Apple, Starbucks, IBM, Mercedes, Nike) know that it's crucial to use all of our five senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste) to build a brand. The sensory experience is what gets you to buy their products over and over and  over.

A multi-sensory brand experience generates certain beliefs, feelings, thoughts, and opinions in our minds.
All great marketers know this is the easiest way to touch the soul of a customer.

So What Does That Have To Do With Living The Life You Love?

Sensory processing dominates our brain functioning.  Everything we experience is the result of a sensory stimuli. Activating our five senses pulls us into the experience.

Can Your Front Door Location Really Affect Your Life?

Have you ever wondered how a space can affect you? Can the location of your master bedroom or even your front door cause a divorce or health issues. It all sounds a bit out there.

Some part of me has always had that question. The logical part of my brain just didn't seem to accept that a space can affect you on such a deep level. Well, until we moved into a house and I fell ill (inexplicably) within a few weeks of moving in. 

Still didn't think it was the house. A family member suggested we move house, which after some thought we did. And would you know it! Just as mysteriously as I had fallen ill, I got better within a few weeks of moving.

How is this possible? Can a house do that to you? 

What began as a curious inquiry, soon turned to rapt fascination as I heard Architect Michael Borden lecture on concepts of space, time, and cosmic resonant architecture.