Can Your Front Door Location Really Affect Your Life?

Have you ever wondered how a space can affect you? Can the location of your master bedroom or even your front door cause a divorce or health issues. It all sounds a bit out there.

Some part of me has always had that question. The logical part of my brain just didn't seem to accept that a space can affect you on such a deep level. Well, until we moved into a house and I fell ill (inexplicably) within a few weeks of moving in. 

Still didn't think it was the house. A family member suggested we move house, which after some thought we did. And would you know it! Just as mysteriously as I had fallen ill, I got better within a few weeks of moving.

How is this possible? Can a house do that to you? 

What began as a curious inquiry, soon turned to rapt fascination as I heard Architect Michael Borden lecture on concepts of space, time, and cosmic resonant architecture.

"While our body may appear to be a solid physical structure, in reality is in an ever flowing river of energy and information.  In constant dynamic exchange with the environment around us. Our language reflects our innate understanding of our essential energetic nature. We say things like 'his words really resonated with me', or 'I got a bad vibe from that person', or 'my friend has such a radiant heart'. These aren't just metaphors. We really do feel each others energy and are affected by it at a subtle yet profound level"   
 Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D.

We are beings of energy, we communicate energetically through our chakras (energetic centers in our body) with our surrounding space and people. As humans we have a range of energies (including emotions and feelings both positive as well as negative, examples include joy, happiness, playfulness, anger, fear, … you get the point)

When the space around us, the universal space, formless pure energy expresses as matter (Einstein’s theory E = mc2 ) it takes a simple square form.This is expressed as a 9x9 grid aligned with True North.

Think of it this way...picture a 9x9 square grid placed on the Earth aligned with True North. The squares along the outer periphery and those along the diagonals and the center lines each bear the quality of a particular energy. An energy (emotion or feeling) that we humans also have. When our nervous system crosses this spatial geometry at one of these squares, the quality of energy of that square activates the same quality in us. 

Say for example a person repeatedly enters into a structure from the SE most square (Agni). This square bears the energy of heat/anger. Over a period of time, they will notice that there is an increase in their anger expressions. They may be more easily triggered to react with anger.

4 Basic Points To Understand
 The science of structures is truly remarkable, fascinating, and life changing, but can be confusing to the uninitiated. Here are 4 basics to get right at the beginning
  1. The space around us manifests energy as a 9x9 grid. This grid is also the receptor of solar, lunar, and stellar radiations.
  2. If we build a structure perfectly (a Vedic structure) on this grid with appropriate proportions and dimensions, what we get is a brilliant and vibrant structure that supports life beyond your wildest imagination
  3. Structures not conforming to this nature's law (like most of our homes and offices) distort energies affecting our lives on a deep cellular level leading to issues in health, relationships, finances, and  our living experience.
  4. Original Vedic texts DO NOT prescribe any rectifications, the texts only detail how to create perfect resonant structures 
Influence of Vedic Architecture. Interview With Architect Jon Lipman 

Follow along in this short 5 minute video as the Students of Maharishi University of Management, Iowa, interview architect Jon Lipman, to find out how Sthapatya Veda works.

Click here if the video does not open. 

Real Stories From Vedic Home Owners
As more people are becoming aware of the power of pure vedic structures. There is a rise in Vedic Homes. Life does take a dramatic turn for the better. Here are some of the testimonials from people in Vedic Homes (Source: Maharishi Vastu.)
"From the moment I moved into my house, my good fortune increased. Not doubled, not quadrupled, but much greater than that. I have to adjust to the reality that my desires get fulfilled very quickly now.
In many instances, I barely have identified the desire before it is fulfilled. The gap between having the desire and the fulfillment of the desire has shrunk to almost nothing. Things that used to be difficult to organize now organize themselves with virtually no effort on my part."

"I quickly realized that something was very different. First of all, I felt tremendous peace and silence in the house. My sleep was effortless, and when I awoke, I felt totally refreshed.
But within a few short days of moving into my home, I also noticed a dramatic increase in support of nature. Almost every thought I had in the house would quickly become realized. It was absolutely amazing."
Read more testimonials here.  

"Even space is filled with energy. It can manifest brilliance especially if its confined in a material object conforming to the appropriate proportions and dimensions. The science of transforming all pervading space into material form with predetermined properties is the expertise of vaastu science." 
Michael Borden
Vaastu Architect

And yes, the location of the door you enter your space from does affect your life. The green arrows above show positive locations for entrances. 

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