Your Wish Is My Command! How To Connect To The Abundant Flow Using Bells.

Ding Dong! 

"We are in the area and are done with work in your neighborhood. Would you like us to trim down the trees in your yard?" 

30 minutes later, I stood shocked as yet another one of my desires manifest within 24 hours. Less than a day ago I had made a mental note - It would be nice to have these trees trimmed down. The kids will have more room to play.  

In this day and age of endless to-do lists, compare, quote, and research, this project would have been a good half day's worth of research and scheduling. And here I was with no effort, minimal cost, standing in my clean front yard. It was almost as if the wind had heard my desires and said your wish is my command!

So what is it that causes desires to manifest so quickly? The power of a cleared space.

 "In Divine order and purpose as in nature, life unfolds with effortless ease. Think about this for a moment - our lungs breathe and our hearts beat without any effort. So too are our dreams materialized when we connect with divine natural intelligence. 

The truth is the Universe is just waiting to help each of us turn our desires and hopes into reality. When you tap into Universal energy, the abundance that is absolutely within you and all around you, emerges with grace and ease. 

Observe how you feel. Let your feelings guide you. Embrace the flow that is just waiting to respond to your intentions and beliefs. I promise you this, your life will begin to shift as you release beliefs that limit you and then you will move with comfort, ease, and confidence toward the fullest most pleasing abundant possibilities for you." 

Oprah Winfrey
Desire and Destiny
21 Day Meditation Challenge
The following is a recording by NASA Voyager, INJUN 1, ISEE 1, and HAWKEYE space probes  - See more at:
The following is a recording by NASA Voyager, INJUN 1, ISEE 1, and HAWKEYE space probes  - See more at:
The following is a recording by NASA Voyager, INJUN 1, ISEE 1, and HAWKEYE space probes  - See more at:
The following is a recording by NASA Voyager, INJUN 1, ISEE 1, and HAWKEYE space probes  - See more at:

What Is A Cleared Space? 
(And no its not emptying your home/office of physical things.)

A term coined by Denise Linn, space clearing simply put is diffusing stagnant energy in a space. Read more here

Clearing a space. I don't have the time for this! Not another thing to add to my seemingly endless to do list!  

There never seems to be enough time in our lives. Our lists keep getting longer and our lives more full. Jeff Shinabarger aptly describes how life has gotten for most of us today in his short video Enough Time A Short Story From More Or Less.

Sometimes, we need to stop being busy to start giving time to the things that are significant. 

This week follow along and join in on our interesting experiment. 

Diffusing Stagnant Energy Using Bells
Check out how to clear a space using drums here. 

For a few moments set aside any disbelief, thoughts of how silly you may look, or how crazy you feel and just give in to the process. If you are like me, whether you believe in it or not, you will be blown away by the fact that this works. This actually works! Give it a go.

Experiment: There is a vibrating, pulsing field of life and nature. The more connected we are to the natural cycles and energy, the quicker our intentions become real. 

Time: 5 minutes 

Objective: To experience the sheer power and magnificence of a cleared space. 
Tools: Bells. Simple hand bells, gongs, singing bowls, tsingha bells, cymbals.  Any kind you have at hand will do (and yes even jingle bells).

Attitude: Gratitude

Intention: Set a simple achievable intention.  Clarity and rightness of intention channel life-force energy. Simple so that you can see the power of this easy, yet powerful practice. Once you gain insight of the beauty of a cleared space, clearing becomes second nature. You enjoy the process, surrender to intuitive guidance, and expect miracles.

Here are some sample simple intentions to give you an idea: Intend to find/see any one of the following:
  • a feather 
  • beach ball 
  • a lost item 
  • a favorite song from your childhood
  •  $5 
  • create your own simple achievable intention
The Sun, the Moon, and the planets all emit their own unique hum (orbital resonance) based on their orbital revolution. - See more at:

How T0:
Everything is sound. Sound moves matter. If you missed Nigel Stanford's video in the earlier post on the powerful effect sound has on everything. Take a look see here again (Magic of Sound and Science. Cymatics.)

 1. Intention: Begin by setting a simple intention. The tool you use is less important.  What is paramount is your intention and your attitude. Spend a few seconds holding your bell close to your heart, with eyes closed make a simple intention. 

2. Gratitude: Mentally say a few words of gratitude for what you have in your life right now (your family, your home, good health). Gratitude centers you and allows you to receive the bounty of nature. 

3.  Presence. Listen to the sounds in your environment, take in any aromas, become aware of the way your space feels. 

4. Clearing: Denise Linn offers the following way to diffuse stagnant energy using bells.

Begin in the center of your room. Ring your bell once and listen carefully. If the room has stagnant energy, the bell will sound muffled. Erratic energy will cause a shrill sound. Whether you are able to decipher the varying sounds or no, continue to ring your bell. 

Move to the eastern most corner as you ring your bell. Wait between strokes to let the sound of the bell fill the space. Ring the bell until it has a sharp sound and a clear resonance. This corner is now clear. 

Continue walking slowly around the room clockwise, ringing and stopping at places where the sound is more muted.  Complete the circle back at the eastern most corner. Use the bells in  your hand and move your hands  in a large infinity sign (the sleeping number 8). You are symbolically closing the circle by connecting the beginning to the end. 

Continue to clear the energy in all the rooms in your home or office space. If you are short on time just do the spaces where you spend the most time (bedroom, family room, kitchen) 

That's it. You are done!

Over the next few days, observe how your life unfolds. Make any observations with respect to your set intentions. Let us know in the comments below. 

I am now a big believer and look forward to my space clearing rituals each week. Their effect on our living experience has been beyond doubt amazing. I alternate between drums, bells, and smoke/smudging. Every single week, after a clearing we notice our smallest of desires become real, effortlessly. I am humbled each week as over and over again, more synchronicities, more joy, more time, and more presence are slowly finding room in our life. 

Enjoy the process and tune in to the synchronicity that unfolds following a clearing. 

What was your intention? How did your clearing play out. Did you notice any changes? Share your comments below.

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