How to clear stagnant and chaotic energies

It is said you only realize the importance of something once it is no longer a part of your life.

NASA realized that as it sent healthy astronauts up in space they developed severe psychological and physiological issues, including osteoporosis and muscle wasting.

We apparently need gravity to prevent our muscles from wasting and earth energies to maintain our bone density!  They fixed the problem by introducing Schumann simulators on all space shuttles to replicate earth's natural frequency.

Earth has a natural frequency? Really? 
We humans are part of the intricate balance of this magnificent Universe. Solar, planetary, and earth energies, gravitational pulls and the earth's biosphere seem to have the perfect resonances, forces, and composition to maintain life. 

When we are out in nature, the natural bio-rhythms nurture, replenish, heal, and rejuvenate us.  Indoors these natural frequencies get distorted by our buildings. This causes stagnations. Check out the post on benefits of clearing stagnant energies here.

Now back onto how to clear a space.
Denise Linn, world recognized teacher and author of Sacred Space, coined the term 'space clearing' over 30 years ago. Having learned from many indigenous cultures, Denise shares her wisdom on how to effectively diffuse stagnant energy and uplift the positive spirit in your home or office.

Every ancient civilization and native culture has had some form of space clearing as part of their rituals. Masked as religious ceremonies or as cultural rites, space clearing has been performed for thousands of years using different tools. The underlying intent was the same - to create greater harmony and clarity in living space. 

How has humanity known about this before the so called sophisticated tools of NASA? And we think we are way advanced!

Using Drums to clear a space.
"When I first heard about working with subtle energy, the process sounded like crazy hocus-pocus. It made my left-brained self want to scream and run the other direction. With reason - it's monopolistic control of my life was challenged. When I finally tried some things, I was totally blown away time after time when I found it worked! If you're like I was, take a deep breath, practice willful suspension of disbelief, step by step , and see what happens."

Tom Bender
American founder
Green architecture &
Sustainability movements

Have you ever found yourself bopping your head and moving your body to the rhythm of live music? That's what I found myself doing in the middle of a sunny Wednesday afternoon. Completely in sync, thoroughly enjoying the loud deep sounds of the large pumpkin colored dagga/baya drum as I walked around my somewhat cluttered kitchen. 

Just a few short minutes earlier I had decided to try out clearing my space using the drums. A bit unsure of what to really do or expect, I began by setting an intention - Good health, happiness, and laughter. May all who enter here be in good health, balance, and experience true inner happiness  and joy. 

Standing in the center of the room, taking a few deep breaths, I began drumming...BOOM BOOM! ...BOOM! BOOM!... trying to keep a steady heartbeat rhythm. Pretty soon the vibrations of the drum began to run through my body, a smile emerged on my face and I found myself drumming the beat faster and faster. 

I began to walk around the room counter clockwise, by now both hands on the drum. I found myself completely in the moment drumming a quick, loud, bouncy rhythm. My two young kids (aged 2 and 6) who were playing until a few minutes ago join in and are dancing and clapping to the beat. 

I continue to walk around the room playing a lively beat now almost dancing myself with the kids trailing behind me. After three rounds around the room I walk to the center and continue playing the drum until  the beat got faster and  faster and faster and grand finale which finally ended with a loud "YEAHHHHH!" from the happy kids. 

Fully in the moment, I try to recall what I was supposed to do next ... Oh yes , I light the cotton wick on the ghee lamp I have kept ready. Holding it close to my heart, I close my eyes and enjoy the happiness I am feeling in my body. I listen to my children continuing to laugh as they bounce off the couch in the background.  A few deep breaths taking it all in and I open my eyes.

Was that it for the space clearing?  Now What?
Not really sure what to expect next, we continue with our routine. Over the next few days it seemed almost magical that the intention I had set for the space was becoming real. Check out the previous post here on the benefits of clearing energies.

Next morning I found myself crying. Didn't know why, but the tears just kept rolling down my cheeks. I wasn't sad, nothing bad had happened. There simply didn't seem like there was any trigger. For a few hours, I continued crying until it all seemed done. Then I reached a zone of peace. 

I felt a new sense of security, inner peace, and happiness. Even though there were the same 24 hours in the day and the same chores and responsibilities, I seemed to have enough time. I had time to sit down and spend with my family instead of frantically running around trying to fit it all in. I found myself fully in tune with my husband and kids - talking, laughing, and sharing.

Clutter seemed to magically disappear, the toys got put back, the kitchen got cleaned out, help showed up at our doorstep. The biggest worries seemed insignificant. 

Just as the absence of something can make you realize its value, once you have the realization of a better way of  living, you can never go back. Space clearing using an intention gave us a glimpse that life needn't be as difficult as we sometimes make it out to be.

Have you had a positive experience after a space clearing? What tools did you use to clear your space? Do share your experiences in the comments below and let us know. Have questions? Fire away...

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