How to jazz up your next meeting, event, or party

What do the following 5 things have in common? 
1. Indian Ragas
2. Certain Church Music Scales 
3. Lambdoma
4. Proportions of the overtone scale 
5. The major and minor scale

Any ideas? 
Other than the fact that they are all somehow related to music, all of these things have specific patterns. Patterns that match the structures in our living Universe. 

Our living Universe has an overwhelming treasure of structures: from the smallest atomic structures, our DNAs, and snowflakes, to the distances of the planets from the sun and even shapes of galaxies. 

In his groundbreaking and fascinating work The World Is Sound, German jazz connoisseur Joachim-Ernst Berendt, shows that "at those points in the microworld most decisive for the development of life" we find patterns matching one of those from the above list! 

In fact, Berendt shows "The same structure is almost ubiquitous in those mysterious processes whereby inorganic structures are transformed into organic life"

So what does that have to do with your meeting, event, or next party? 

Plenty! Read on...

When we honor and replicate the life giving cosmic patterns in our living and working spaces, it enriches our ability to resonate with the natural flow of life.

What that means is events flow smoothly and positively. It gives that extra zing in your living/working experience that can only come from being in-tune, in the zone, or just plain happy. 

Here are 4 things you can do to jazz up your next meeting, event, or party 

1. Use Sound 
Dr. Hans Jenny, Swiss physician, in his awe-inspiring work on cymatics shows the inherent responsiveness of matter to sound (vibration). Every physical object is affected by sound.  Sound inspires a deep recognition within us that we, too, are a part of this same intricate and magical  patterned Universe.

Check out Dr Jenny's experiment below.

Here's what to do, right before your meeting or event at the empty location

  • Play some music at a low volume (just barely audible will do fine) - choose from classical music (Beethovan, Bach, Mozart, or your favorite composer);  Indian Classical music; your favorite Church music;  or even play your favorite tune on a live musical instrument in the room. This has the added advantage of  sending out inaudible or 'silent sound'  that tunes the room and everything in it.  
          or you could use

  • Bells/Gongs. Denise Linn, author of Sacred Space, shares that using bells in a room before a seminar leaves a crystal-clear energy field. In addition to the sound vibrations bells emit vibrations inaudible to the human ear.  She shares that in her experience many people will notice a difference in the colors in the room. 

2. Clear Center
If at all possible, arrange the furniture in the room so that the exact center of the room is empty and clear. While this may not always be possible, in many cases you can get creative and re-arrange the room to have an empty center.

Why? No its not for you to stand in and be the center of attention.
Architect Jonathan Lipman shares that everything in nature has a silent core - the Brahmasthan (the place where the sacred resides). From vast galaxies to the cells in our bodies, we all have a silent core (The Universe is pretty consistent!). All activity happens around it. 

Rearranging the furniture to emulate the principles of nature has some amazing effects. Such a space resonates with every cell in the body of those present there. On a subconscious level they are 'at home' and perform their best.

3.  Inspiration Station
The earth's tilt at 23.5 degrees makes the cosmic life giving breath flow into a structure from the North East part of the room. Use your smart phone or a very basic compass to determine where the NE of the room is. 

If possible, clear it of any clutter, heavy furniture,and trash cans. In its place create a small inspiration station related to your event. Pictures, trophies, water fountain anything that can serve as an inspiration. It has been found that the cosmic breath, as it flows through a space, carries the inherent qualities from the NE part of the room right through the space.

4. Use Color 
Whether or not you are familiar with Dr. Max Luscher's color therapy; It doesn't even matter that you may not have heard of the Nobel prize winner Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi. Just FYI Dr. Gyorgyi showed that colors cause our enzymes and hormones to go through molecular changes.  What matters is that colors in our environment have a very profound effect on our physiology and our behavior. 

Consider using the following colors at your event location based on what you want to achieve. You can use colors in accents like table covers, coasters, in your decor, or table ware.

  • Red - if your intention is to help overcome inertia, depression, or fear. Red is physical energy. It's a doing color. Red activates energy and physical strength.
  • Orange - for a fun group gathering, a social party. It will increase enthusiasm, confidence, and a sense of community.
  • Yellow - for official meetings. Yellow increases organization, attention to detail, active intelligence, achievement, sincerity, and harmony. Stimulates conversation, flexibility, and adaptability to change. Its also associated with good luck.
  • Blue - go for blue if you are hosting a meditation session or prayer gathering. Blue lends itself to gentleness, composure, inspiration, and spiritual understanding.
  • Green - if you are hosting a bunch of very excitable kids who need some calming down. Restful yet energizing, green stimulates balance while subconsciously implying abundance, harmony, and peace.

Well now we have you covered from the cosmic perspective. Its your turn to pack your punch with power! 

Have you used any tools before a meeting or event to change the experience? Do share your experience in the comments below.

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