How Your Space Can Increase The Positive Coincidences And Good Opportunities That Come Your Way

Have you ever had the experience:
Due to some unplanned events you had to change your regular time to take the later train. On the train you have a chance meeting with an old friend who also doesn't usually take this train home. You get a chance to catch up and through this meeting you end up with a lead for a new job.
Or maybe something simple:
You feel like having warm pie and your neighbor brings over some fresh pumpkin pie. 
Coincidences...Positive, Happy, Unplanned Events
For many years now I have been helping people increase the cosmic flow of life through their living environments. The misconception that some have is that their life will change dramatically overnight. 

Well, what happens in reality as we change our space to become a vibrant, resonant structure is this  - gradually over the following 3 to 4 weeks we begin experiencing subtle changes.

Change happens through an inspiration, through what seems like a coincidence, through a gut feeling, through something somebody says accidentally or in passing, or through similarly intangible mechanisms.

There is no magical overnight transformation, but what we experience is more and more positive synchronicities (meaningful coincidences).

"Your home is a myriad of overlapping vibrant energy fields, reflecting you and whispering to you in many ways. Your personal living space can either be a spiritual template that contributes to your inner path so that you can spring into the future with glee, or it can stand lifeless and inanimate. As you create templates in your home that are rich and full of life and love, so your life becomes fuller and richer."
Denise Linn

What Is A Vibrant And Resonant Space?
Ancient texts on Sthapatya Veda stress that a structure needs to fulfill the following: 
  • be functional 
  • be aesthetically pleasing 
  • have an abundance of chi/prana/cosmic breath flow through 
  • uplift your soul (blog post here)

There are two aspects that need attention as you begin changing the template of your home/office
  1. Stagnant Energies 
  2. The Flow of Prana/ Chi/Cosmic Breath 

Building using ayaadi calculations and the principles of vaastu creates a structure that by it's nature clears out stagnations and allows the abundant cosmic breath to flow through a space freely. Which gives us a head start on creating a vibrant and resonant space.

In most other structures, the cosmic flow is blocked and stagnations can create very heavy, dulling spaces that can make our life seem quite challenging. In such spaces we can manually clear out the stagnant energies and increase the flow of prana/chi. This changes our life experience in these spaces.

Look at it this way: 
  • In a true vaastu structure ... all is taken care of by itself, automatically, without the people being consciously aware of it.  
  • In a regular structure...we have to manually clean it up and tune it on a regular basis. Depending on the structure and the stagnations we may need more or less of regular energetic maintenance.

So How Do You 'Tune' Up Your Space?
  • Clear Stagnant Energies 
  •  Increase The Flow Of Cosmic Breath (Prana/Chi) 
  • Living Objects (Anything alive - plants, pets, aquariums, birds & squirrels in your yard) 
  • Color (see our post here)
  • Arranging objects, furniture inside the space to allow maximum flow 
  • A structure that is naturally aligned to the cardinals has a strong earth resonance and has inherently stronger cosmic flow (see our post here
  • Bright lights and light refracting objects 
  • Sound (see our post here)

Ready For The Weekly Action ... 
This Week We Share How To Rearrange Furniture To Increase The Abundant Flow Through A Space 

Project: Pick a room where the family spends the most time (family/living/TV room).

Objective: Rearrange the furniture to follow the natural flow of energies (magnetic energy from the North and life giving solar energy from the East.)

Principle: Life giving energy (combination of magnetic and solar) flows into a structure from the North East (NE) section regardless of the orientation of the space. It curves through the space collecting beneficial energies in the South West (SW) corner. 

What To Do: 
  1. Determine the cardinal directions with regards to the room. (Particularly the NE and SW)
  2. Rearrange the heaviest & tallest pieces of furniture towards the South and West sides
  3. Place any floor lamps or light source towards the SE (Imitates the rising sun from SE
  4. Televisions and any large electronics in SE 
  5. Use lighter colors towards the NE; heavier, darker reds/browns towards SW 
  6. Keep the NE section of the room open. If possible set up an inspiration station. The energy of the NE corner carries through the entire room 
  7. Arrange so that the exact center of the room is empty

Our Experience: 
We've worked through all the rooms in our home following this template. Below are two images from our dining room. 

Earlier the dining table was right in the center taking up the whole space.  We moved it towards the W side freeing up the exact center. 

Rearranged the furniture so that the NE is low and open and the SW has the  heaviest furniture. The couches are against the S wall and the dining table towards the W wall. 

We also created a small and simple inspiration station in the NE corner using objects that inspire us. Also, a place where we can light lamps. The energy of the NE carries through the space.

Here are some observations we have made after making the change. 
  1. The room feels bigger and lighter.
  2. Accumulates less clutter (Earlier our dining table was the catchall for unopened mail and other small miscellaneous things)
  3. Friends tend to gather and spend more time in here.

The  Power Of Vibrant Space
One morning as my 2 year old awoke, he recalled an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse he had seen several months earlier. Innocently he exclaimed "I want to see that one now". Casually mentioning to him that it will surely be on TV one of these days we went about our day's work.

Later in the day as we were driving to a store to do the weekly groceries, I had the urge to head back home. Not sure why, I told the kids we'd complete the shopping later, let's go home and relax for a bit. 

We returned home and decided to relax by watching TV. As we browsed the schedule, we realized that the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse my son had been wanting to see that morning would be on in just 5 minutes. The innocent intention he had made that morning was instantly fulfilled! 

As you work slowly to make your space a vibrant, life supporting environment, you will notice not just you, but everyone living in that space will experience more and more synchronicities, each in response to an intention a member may have expressed.

Change happens through an inspiration, through what seems like a coincidence, through a gut feeling, through something somebody says accidentally or in passing, or through similarly intangible mechanisms.

Have you had a seeming coincidence that led you to positive change? Let us know in the comments below. 

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