Can Cut Flowers Send Us Energy? Yes! Check Out Biofield/Aura Images Of Gerbera Daisies.


Check out the video here

Check out the beautiful revealing aura /biofield images of these gerbera daisies. Even cut flowers have powerful auras/ biofields and continue to interact with us.

They send energy to us (Even if they have been cut and are in a vase!). Not just that they even change the energy of the room!

The biofield images / aura images were taken several days after the flowers had been cut and were in a vase.

Biofield images - the colors typically represent the following energies and correspond to the energies of our energy centers - meaning red corresponds to the energy of the 1st energy center, orange to the 2nd, yellow to the 3rd and so on.

  • Green - balance / life force / heart center / sometimes solar plexus
  • Orange - vibrancy / Vitality / Creativity / 2nd center
  • Pink - joy, gratitude, love

1. You see the biofield/aura image of the room is vibrant and green

2. When flowers are placed, the biofield/aura shows many beautiful and vibrant energies fill the room

3. When I bring my hand close to it - the  fields around the flowers begins to enter my hand

4. After I remove flowers from the room - the biofield/aura of the room continues to be elevated and holds the energies of the flowers!

Check out the video 

Each flower is unique and has a special ability to support us on many levels - physical , mental, emotional as well as spiritual.

Gerbera daisies
  • support and bring to balance our root energy center, sacral, solar plexus and the crown energy centers.
  • help with removing drama and stress, 
  • help support the process of simplifying our life, help with relaxation and self-care
Remember to bring fresh flowers often. They support you in many more ways than you can imagine!

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