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Why Do Silicon Valley CEOs Limit The Use Of Technology For Their Kids 
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This Is How Smart Phones Are Making Us Stupid
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How Technology Affects Our Body
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  As Daniel and Ryan DeBaun authors of Radiation Nation, The Fallout of Modern Technology put it so aptly
"We only put ourselves in jeopardy by opting to remain passive or ignorant about this information."

"Our lives have become so integrated with technology that we don't stop to think about what we are doing. We just introduce more and more electronic devices into our lives, but we don't seem to consider the potential implications that stem from our dependence on them." 

"These devices all emit EMF radiation, which has measurably demonstrated an effect on living organisms by damaging DNA, cells, and living tissues. Surrounding ourselves with these devices, yet choosing to remain ignorant of how they work, is like playing Russian roulette, blindfolded, with multiple guns (any of which may be loaded)." 

Less Wireless is a quick read giving you the basic steps you need to check your home for electromagentic and geomagnetic fields. 

Create A Safe Environment In Today’s Electro-magnetic World
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• NASA’s 17 plants to improve indoor air quality
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