3 simple practices you didn't think could change your life.

"Pooooooooonh!" , "Pooooooooooonh". That's what I heard when I was visiting my parents sometime back. I remember asking my mother what that strange sound was. 

She calmly responded that it was our neighbor blowing the conch shell in all the rooms in his house. He always does that when he returns from a trip, she continued calmly. I wondered what that would do. I recently found out and am quite excited to share that here

Bear with me for a few moments while I shift gears ....

Now here is something interesting that I learned as  part of my journey of self discovery about spaces and energy. 
We humans receive life giving energy from the earth grid. We also receive the vibrations, sounds and energies from the sun and planetary bodies. These energies sort of recharge our life force. 

We are part of this magnificent balance of life on earth
Our human nervous system replicates this same live energy grid. When we build a structure based on Vedic Architecture principles, the architect bases this structure on this live grid to achieve true life giving cosmic resonance. 

Step outside on a beautiful sunny day, walk bare foot on the earth, or just spend some time in nature and you are energized– that’s your energy grid receiving the earth's life energy as well as that of the solar and stellar radiations

What happens if we don't follow natural cosmic laws in our buildings?
Now if we build a structure not paying any attention to the cosmic laws we get a building that distorts these life giving forces considerably.

If these beneficial energies are blocked we experience setbacks and frustrations. We also use up a whole lot of more energy to accomplish simple goals in our life. We experience more daily stress (currently the number 1 epidemic in the United States).

Here is an easy way to picture this, a Vedic Architecture structure cleans up the energies automatically, while in an ordinary structure, we have to manually clean these blockages regularly (daily, weekly, monthly). Just like you physically clean your house regularly, you need to mindfully clean your house energetically. Preferably on the same schedule.

What can I do to clean these blocked energies?
Every ancient civilization and native culture has figured out ways to create greater harmony and clarity in their structures. Masked as religious ceremonies or cultural rites, every culture has discovered ways and tools to clear these stagnant energies. 

"One of the truths I most deeply believe is that everything in life, e-v-e-r-y-thing is energy. Within everyone of us is the energy that makes the sun rise everyday and keeps the planets aligned. Its there, already inside of you waiting for you to know it. And when you tap into your connection with that source - that miraculous energy, what I know for sure is that the Universe rises up to meet you in unimaginable ways and will help you create the life you want"
Oprah Winfrey
Finding Your Flow
21 Day Meditation Challenge

Here are 3 easy practices followed by various cultures for generations... and with good results!

1. Incense/Smoke
Incense quickly enlivens a room while purifying it of the stagnant energies.

It is helpful to spread incense smoke through out the space in corners, in closets, and under the bed. The whole process may only take a few minutes, but the change in your experience in the space after is well worth the few minutes. 

Here is my experience. With two little kids , I find myself constantly on the go, chores, kids schedules, work, and other responsibilities. If someone told me to add a daily practice of taking time out to do incense to my already packed schedule, I think I would blow. 

But knowing and trusting the science of energies and spaces, I did try it out. The difference in my experience has been worth the effort. 

Every time I have gone through the house with incense, have observed
  • Clutter-free: the house has been clutter free. The kids pick up after themselves on those days! Do not have an explanation for that one. 
  • Calm: I find myself calmer and my mind restfully alert. 
  • Have time: I seem to have time to sit down and enjoy with the kids. Didn't expect this, but have had this experience consistently. On days I have missed the incense ritual I find myself more chaotic.

Thought this may have been a psychological behavior as I have been reading about it. Hadn't mentioned any of this to my husband. Observed and journalled his behavior. He too showed less stress and was happier on the days of incense clearing 

2. Candle, Lamp/Fire 
Fire, one of the 5 gross elements is very powerful in transmitting your intention into the room. All the 5 gross elements - air, water, earth, fire, and space are very powerful in absorbing, holding, and transmitting intention into a space. 

Check out Japanese Dr. Masaru Emoto's water experiment below. He observed startling results in the crystals of water based on consciousness and intent.

Click here if the above link does not open

Back to fire. Use your own simple words flowing straight from your heart to set an intention for the space. Here is one I like to use ... "Good health, happiness, and laughter. May all who enter here be in good health, balance, and experience true inner happiness  and joy"

And then light your candle or lamp. Gaze into the flame for a few seconds feeling the intensity of your intention and then place your candle/lamp down. Let it burn in the space for a while.

In my experience, every single time, I have found the intention come true over the following few days! Love this practice. It's now my personal favorite.

3. Conch Shell/Sound
Blow a conch shell regularly in all the rooms. There are several kinds, any one kind will do good.Why and what does it do? Read on...

Robert Lawlor, in his book Sacred Geometry, shares the beautiful and perfect mathematical patterns found in nature and life. Conch shells, mathematically, follow various logarithmic spirals.

The logarithmic spiral is super-imposable on the foetus of man and animals. It is also present in the  growth patterns of many plants! 

The beautiful conch shell Nautilius Pompilius follows the golden mean spiral. Pythagoreans believe that this form embodies the dynamics of the rhythmic generation of the cosmos.

Mythologically, this shell is the instrument of Dancing Shiva, through which he initiates creation. 

Scientifically and energetically blowing this conch shell in a space infuses it with the pure rhythmic patterns of the cosmic breath of life itself. This is especially very powerful in a non-vedic structure (or our regular homes and offices) as it is filling it with pure cosmic breath. We can say that it cleans out the energy and then fills it with the correct natural energies that we need to stay nourished!

So there you have it. 3 easy practices and you are one step closer to the life you desire.

Far from being just empty rituals these practices have a scientific basis that is life transforming. Try them out for two weeks and see the living experience in your space change for the better.

Have a story to share, let us know in the comments below. Have you seen anyone use a conch shell? What did they use  it for?

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