Clear Kitchen Clutter to Activate Flow Of Abundance


Today’s kitchen is the most popular place in a home. Not just guests, everything else ends up there too. 

The modern day kitchen is the most cluttered of spaces. Objects are piled on every surface usually out in the open. 

This interferes with our ability to enjoy cooking. It also interferes with our ability to enjoy a meal. We chronically feel rushed. 

We are distracted by the un-kitchen related material surrounding us. 

Reminders of work to be done and other responsibilities vie for our attention and time. We even eat on the go. 

Kitchen clutter creates NEGATIVE DECOR. 

The kitchen symbolizes our prosperity and financial resources. This is where we connect with what sustains us. It is also associated with fire, which is an activating force for abundance. 

  • An ideal kitchen is clean, light and airy, and full of  free flowing prana/chi 

  • There should be plenty of natural sunlight 

  • Bright and cheerful colors are best as they convey a sense of health, happiness, and vitality

  • Fresh herbs, fresh fruit bowls, rope of garlic, dried chill peppers and even dried herbs are all nourishing 

  • The mood you create in the kitchen directly affects the health and vitality of all the occupants

  • The thoughts and feelings you have while preparing a meal will be evident in the meals you consume

  • Take time. Make the kitchen a place you want to spend time in, a place which radiates warmth and vibrant life force 
Take a few minutes and remove as many as possible (preferably ALL) things in your kitchen that have nothing to do with food and food preparation.


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