1 Simple Practice That Can Harness The Transformative Magic of Fire!

Fire consumes, transforms, and clears. The very act of lighting a candle or lamp can cause a change in your state of awareness. Fire is the absolute purifier and transformer. 

Fire is very powerful in helping you focus your intention. 

I love how Denise Linn suggests we “code” the fire with our intention.

Just prior to lighting a lamp or candle become very clear on why you are lighting it. Focus your attention on your desired results. 

Take 3 deep full breaths, allow the quietness to expand inside you. Allow a “feeling” of the results that you intend to fill you. Now visualize the room filling with this feeling. When the feeling/visualization has reached clear intensity, project your purpose onto the lamp/candle and light it. In this moment the flame acts as a magnifier and projects your thoughts and feelings into the room. 

Simply gaze into the flame and allow your intention to fill the room. 

Do this is for a few days. 

In the coming few days/weeks be open to synchronicities and chance encounters. These are not coincidences, but a means for your intentions to come to fruition. 


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