Avoid Too Much Blue and Water Imagery In Bedrooms


Our environment is affecting our subconscious mind all the time - 24/7. Our subconscious mind control 95 % of our actions and behaviors. Just being aware of a few simple things in our environment can drastically improve our living experience. Check out the video The water element and objects in shades of blue - relate to business, career, and opportunities. It also has an effect on emotions, feelings and intuition. When the water element is correctly placed, career and business function more smoothly. Water can also help create insights, make you feel inspired and spiritually connected and refreshed. When there is too much water, there is depression, lethargy, weight gain, and isolation. Definitely be mindful of the color blue in bedrooms. If bedrooms walls are painted blue, there are large blue curtains and there is art with water imagery in the bedroom it can have a negative effect. If you cannot immediately change the large blue/water imagery bring in colors of earth tones - esp. greens, yellows, light browns, beiges, tans to balance out the negative effect of the strong water element.

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