Use Bells To Clear And Code Energy Of Spaces


Zen masters say that the sound of a bell continues to resonate far beyond the time when you can hear it. Whenever you ring a bell not only does the sound vibrate into the room, but also beautiful color vibrations are emitted. Check out this video.

Use a bell that you love and honor to clear your home. Brass bells, Tibetan bells, Japanese Bronze bells, Silver bells, each have their own characteristic. You can not only clear the energy of a room but also code it with bells! 

Stand in the center of your room and ring the bell. Move along the outer edge of the room ringing the bell. Listen carefully after each ring, you will notice the sound become sharper and clearer after each ring. Wait between strokes to hear the bell ring until you can no longer hear it. 

Energy collects in corners, be sure to ring in all corners. 

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