"Some things are indeed destined and my tryst with Monica has been attested to that. Initiating the journey to find the right home isn't easy especially in a new country, where you have a set of beliefs that makes decisions harder and to beat it, you have a defined time frame to make this call.

Having being just in that spot, I stumbled across Monica’s details on the web, 
in-spite of interacting with me for the  first time, Monica has been super prompt
 in addressing all our issues and helped us make those very vital decisions
 within our time constraints. 

Monica’s deep knowledge and well researched facts on her subject 
will leave you in awe which is what convinced my husband and me to 
have faith and  follow her recommendations.

I attended Monica’s crystal ... session and I can just say WOW and thanks to 
whatever that led me to you and getting this knowledge from you for a new 
chapter in our lives. Just cannot thank you enough. 

Thank you so much for that engaging session. There was learning in 
every word you spoke.

We Highly recommend Monica to help Ease this vital decision making process. "

"Here I am again after a month of clearing my Curry lines in my home. First I 
would like to thank Monica Verma for all the information she provided with her 
videos and text about how to deal with this. 

A month ago after I cleared all the Curry lines my house is another house. I don't remember when I had the last discussion with my wife, my daughter which was diagnosed with ADHD she completely act like that disappeared, she's always calm, paying more attention in school, her behavior is completely different. We all feel in peace and no stress at all. We all sleep like never before in this house, plants are growing faster and healthier, nobody get sick like we used before. Our life is completely different after that.

5 days have been passed since I used the squared ring on the breakers switch box and the house still clear from curry lines. Plants are growing and looking healthier, the two almost dead trees are starting to come up with some green leaves.

 I also cleared a friend's house which he have cancer, he was almost healed but he had two little cancer spots on his lungs that no matter what treatment he was taking them were going nowhere, I found Curry lines all over his house and when we dowsed his bed a crossed line was right on his lung where he have that cancer spot that won't heal also his wife which is pregnant told me she couldn't sleep well and she always had to turn to one specific position to sleep better, I found a crossing spot right on her head where she was sleeping, after I cleared their house there told me they can feel the difference and they sleep like babies. 

Now we are waiting for the results of his cancer as I believe 100% that was stopping him from heal completely. I also cleared my Reiki Master teacher house, she had pain on one of her knees for years, after the first day she said she's not feeling pain on her knee at all and it's 300% better and she feel more connected. My experience telling people, some people take it, some people think this is just nothing. 

Most of the time they are people that only see what's in front of them and just because they can't see it with their own eyes they won't believe it. Unfortunately I can't choose for them to help, they need to decide to to something by themselves. For people watching this for first time, the only thing I can tell you is, this is real, this exist and this affect your entire life behavior, well being and health, this is no joke. Thanks again Monica Verma for share your knowledge to help others and to teach me to do the same. Blessings."

Vape I Land

"I cannot express in words how I feel after talking to you and hearing your words/explanations/suggestions. You are a truly wonderful healer, very knowledgeable, and extremely passionate about your interests and, more importantly, willing to help others freely. Your devotion will surely be blessed by whom you seek from, that I am sure of. I will forever be grateful to you.

What I like most about your work is that suggestions are easy to implement and don't have any complications or doubts attached to them"


4 Ways To Use Crystals Everyday

"Thank you for another mind-blowing session. So much information we received today! Thoroughly enjoyed your session." 

- Lakshmi Ganesh

"Amazing, amazing session!! So much to learn and agree with others, we can hear you all day long." 

- Ishita

"Your session as always was amazing Monica. You have a wealth of knowledge and your passion to help people is truly admirable. Stay blessed. Thank u again." 

- Sonali Birla

"Monica ...your presentation was a wealth of knowledge. Thank you so much. I am forever grateful for introducing me to crystals and their healing powers." 

- Prajakta Joshi

"Amazing, amazing session Monica! Intrigued with the power of crystals and can't wait to use them. Much thanks for your time and effort educating us on this!!!"

 - Manisha Goel

Geopathic Stress Video Series 
"Dear Monica, I have no words to express my gratitude to you for imparting your knowledge on GS issue through these 7 video links. I must say these are outstanding for all students of GS healers. I successfully found the GS lines in my flat and after putting a Rod it neutralize GS. I also did experiment by removing the rods and the GS lines came back. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me thousands miles away in Singapore. May God bless you with good health and more and more knowledge. Keep it up the good work. Cheers. "

"We need to fuel our bodies with good food, fuel our minds with positive thoughts and live in a clean space. The information about the first two ways of life is available on the internet and vast knowledge is available in variety of books. Which has also been generously passed down to us by the very knowledgeable friends in this group.

However, clean space, very little is know about geopathic stress lines. If we search about this topic on the internet you can read about the lines and not know how we can fix them. My humble request is, let's start talking about geopathic stress lines to every person we comes across. Many of us, including myself, has had a change in our lives by fixing the lines. We need to convince the people around us to look into this topic. Monica has been always open for phone/ email conversation about any queries regarding this topic. We, each of us, should spread the word. Educate people to the best of our knowledge and when people have questions we can't answer, we can always reach out to Monica. The only way of spreading awareness to this is by word of mouth, so let's all do it in unison."


"Monica, thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have personally benefited by using these wires. I have full understanding about geopathic stress lines. My MIL who is recovering from a surgery was sleeping on a geopathic line, the lines were crossing on where her stomach was, and her cancer was on her uterus. I am convinced about this theory. I seriously recommend all of you to check these stress lines in your home and also forward this information. We have to spread the awareness and help others who are clueless about this. Hope it's has a rippling effect and it creates the awareness in our society. Again, Monica you have helped many selflessly giving your time and sharing your knowledge. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

"Monica, thank you for helping me with fixing my home, I am one of the 100 people, so very grateful. Thanks to you, my husband was able to fix his home in India and help his mom who is recovering from cancer. This is a very imp message, have already shared it with my friends and family. Again, thank you!!!! "

Lakshmi Ganesh

"I like your videos, it is very clear and informative. Thanks from Mauritius"
Mahen Seeburruth

"We are so fortunate to have you around, Monica! You've researched this subject so well, made us aware of this science that we would have never known otherwise! You have gone above and beyond to help so many in the area, me being one of them! Many thanks to you for all your selfless efforts and contributions to making our lives healthier and happier! "
Manisha Goel

"Monica Verma I can't thank you enough for taking time and coming to help with my daughter's rooms and explaining me the concepts so brilliantly.. I m a science lover and those concepts made a lot of sense and still trying to learn and fathom the whole thing :)
I was astonished to see change the very next day and would love to regroup sometime again... you helping so many homes selflessly just out of your kindness and passion .. i salute you for that ???????? I m also very thankful to Lakshmi Ganesh introducing you to me!"

Ragz Hari

"Monica Verma,,,,thank you for exposing the unseen and the unknown and the ill understood. So usefully. I would love to follow and execute as needed. And I remain most interested in your work. Lakshmi Ganesh ...thanks for sharing your story and the push !"
Suki Batni

"Many, Many Thanks Monica for taking out so much personal time and teaching me about Geopathic stress. You are one very kind and selfless soul. God Bless you and your family for ever"
Ritu Bharti

"Thanks Monica for helping me out with your knowledge always. I have really benefited with all the efforts and changes that i have done suggested by you. You are truly an angel for me"
Shilpa Bhatia

"When I met Monica for the first time, she came through as a very intelligent and warm person. After my conversation with her, I learnt a lot about Vaastu. She had a treasure of knowledge which she so willingly shared. I was captivated and totally impressed. I left for home with a heady high with all that new learning, filled with positivity. Monica is a wonderful speaker and can't wait to hear her next talk."

Lakshmi Ganesh 
Ellora Handmade 

"I was going through your blog, believe me...I am not trying to flatter you, you are really a very talented writer. Your information was very crisp and very well written.

Your knowledge is reflected in your writing, making your blog ever
So awesome to read.
Keep up your awesome work!"

Lakshmi Ganesh 
Ellora Handmade 

"Monica, has not only very deep understanding of Vaastu Shastra but knows how to connect with anyone who needs healing that pertain to physical, mental and spiritual. 

Her passion, mission and purity in thoughts and what she offers to the community friends and family with her knowledge in Vaastu, homeopathy, space cleaning, magnetic therapy, nutrition  and many other skills makes her a true Guru in health and wellness. 

Hearing her speak, one starts thinking positive and there is always a hope to improve life. Her intention to give back to the world the knowledge and experience she has is very inspiring and unconditional. She is a Giver! It is very rare to find someone like Monica who can help anyone in any area of life without expecting anything in return. 

Her sessions are very powerful and I can guarantee you will start thinking and perceiving things with a more positive outlook."   

Veena Deva
Raleigh Meditation Group Of Self Realization Fellowship

"It is enlightening to hear Monica speak about Vastu and how to implement in our day to day busy lives.  Monica's passion and eagerness to help is reflected in her sessions.  The research and supporting facts in her presentations is commendable!" 

Sonali Birla
Sonali's Healthful Cookalog

"Monica - Simple, gentle and trustworthy. Her knowledge is immense and her writing so beautiful. Her work is her passion and it shows."  Aaliya Anwar

"I was truly amazed by the incredible work by Monica in her session. It was very informative, interesting, and easy to follow and it definitely helped me and my family by practicing it in my house. Thanks for all the effort."  Rashmi Malik 

"I was amazed by your knowledge on this subject and the way you taught. Thank u so much for enlightening me " S. B 

"You are such a wonderful speaker. I truly enjoyed it. I've learned a lot from your session today. The information is really important. 

 I've always been very content about what I have in my life, so to be honest, when you talked to me about Vaastu two years ago, I was very interested, but didn't think it's necessary to apply it to our daily life.

Since last time I talked to you, I've re-arranged our room according to your recommendation. My daughter has been making more and more progress in the past few months, and although we've also added new therapies and stuff, I have no doubt that your suggestions have brought us some wonderful changes as well. I really want to thank you for that. Two weeks ago she looked at me and said, mama. That was the first time she called me that and it was a wonderful moment. :)"

F. Chen
Freelance Translator

"... [Monica] is a true passionate & researcher (with a Calling)...I heard her talk and she comes through... This is not a business promotion, or a market test, etc. This is her calling.  And I am only spreading the word."

"Post attending your session, I re-organized my daughter's room, which is small/avg. I feel good. Then I did my master bedroom ... --- reorganizing my work space --- I am feeling a new energy --- more spread out space now.   Love it"  Suki Batni 

"What an illuminating presentation! Not too much information, just new." S. B 

"Monica is a wonderful speaker! I have had the pleasure of attending Monica's Vastu sessions on a number of occasions  and  have thoroughly enjoyed it. Her suggestions to reorganize my master bedroom  have been very helpful. I can already feel the positive energy and loving it!"  Shilpa Bhatia

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Monica is a wonderful speaker! I have had the pleasure of attending Monica's Vastu sessions on a number of occasions and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Her suggestions to reorganize my master bedroom have been very helpful. I can already feel the positive energy and loving it!----Shilpa